First Edition Regata Velica Panathlon Repubbliche Marinare

 Prima edizione Regata Velica Panathlon Repubbliche Marinare
Prima edizione Regata Velica Panathlon Repubbliche Marinare
Yacht Club Repubblica Marinara di Pisa
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The first edition of the Panathlon Maritime Republics Sailing Regatta will take place on Saturday 3 September and Sunday 4 September in Marina di Pisa. The event will be held exactly one week before the Regatta of the Ancient Italian Maritime Republics, scheduled to take place in Pisa on Sunday, 11 September, thus kicking off the week-long approach to the rowing regatta in the Arno. The initiative was presented at a press conference at Palazzo Gambacorti in the presence of the mayor of Pisa, the councillor for the traditions of the history and identity of Pisa, the governor of Panathlon Toscana, Andrea Da Roit, the president of Panathlon Club Pisa, Mirko Di Cristofaro, the vice-president of the Yacht Club Repubbliche Marinare Pisa, Andrea Bartelloni, and the councillor of the board of directors of the Yacht Club Repubbliche Marinare Pisa, Gerardo Martini.

The idea of a sailing event that would put the representatives of the four Maritime Republics face to face in a real competition was born after the twinning pact signed on 18 December 2021 between the Panathlon Clubs of the maritime cities of Pisa Genoa, Venice and Salerno (for the competence on Amalfi). The proposal was therefore actively espoused by the municipal administration of Pisa.

The programme of the weekend will start on the morning of Saturday 3 September with the arrival, accreditation and registration of the crews and the assignment of the boats. Following this, the crews will be given the opportunity to try out the race course and see how the boats react.

The weekend programme starts on the morning of 3 September with crew arrivals, crew accreditation and registration, and all those steps that mark this kind of competition, such as boat assignment and the various briefings with the organisation.

As soon as ready towards late morning and early afternoon, will be given the opportunity to try the race course and see how the boats react, then all to rest for the expectation of the Gala Dinner that will take place at the restaurant of the Grand Hotel Golf of Tirrenia at 20:30, usual location where the crews are hosted with their Panathlon Clubs heads of delegation.

On Sunday 4 September, starting around 9.30/10 a.m. depending on wind conditions, the actual competition will take place: the competition field will be the stretch of water in front of Marina di Pisa, marked by orange buoys. The challenge foresees an Italian round (for a total of 6 matches) with the first two classified that will then compete in the final at the best of three rounds. Each match is expected to last between 15 and 20 minutes and the length of the course will depend on the intensity of the wind. Those wishing to watch the event will be able to do so from the area surrounding Balearic Square.

The first place winner will be awarded the Maritime Republics Challenge Trophy, which will remain with the winning club to be put up for grabs again the following year and will be presented during the prize-giving ceremony at the end of the regatta at the headquarters of the Yacht Club Repubbliche Marinare in Pisa. The Pisan crew will consist of Gianluca Romoli, David Carpita, Francesco Orsucci (under 25) and Irene Carpita.

The event has been organised by Panathlon of Pisa together with the twin Panathlon Clubs of Venice, Genoa and Salerno, with the patronage of Panathlon District Italy, in collaboration with the Yacht Club Repubbliche Marinare of Pisa and with the partnership of the Municipality of Pisa. The event is under the patronage of CONI Tuscany Regional Committee.