Pisa in fiore - edizione 2019

Fior Di Citta 3
Fior Di Citta 3
Centro Città
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Everything is ready for the tenth edition of Fior di Città - Pisa in Fiore, which from Friday 12 to Sunday 14 April will transform the city center into a large flower garden. An extensive program of informative and cultural activities divided into six thematic areas: 'Expo', 'Art', 'Edu', 'Junior', 'Photo', 'Tour', including art installations, gardening workshops, information points, educational initiatives and exhibitions.
The main protagonists will be the floricultural companies from all over Italy, which will exhibit plants, seeds and gardening equipment.
The main purpose of the event is to promote the protection of nature and green care in urban areas as an essential component for improving the quality of life and safeguarding biodiversity. Fior di Città also intends to enhance the commitment offered by public bodies, scientific institutions and associations in the field of environmental protection.
The exhibition route, which will lead visitors from Largo Ciro Menotti to Corso Italia, will be colored by a selection of floricultural companies from the entire national territory, which will exhibit numerous qualities of flowering, aromatic, aquatic, carnivorous, succulent and climbing plants, from fruit, vegetable, arboreal, rare and unusual.
Inside the Stazione Leopolda, the Arte del Bonsai Club prepares the Orizzonte Bonsai exhibition with specimens from Italy and abroad: the exhibition includes bonsai of Mediterranean essences, flowering plants, bamboo, grass, ferns, moss, mushrooms and Suiseki , the famous stones worked by water. The jury of the competition, composed of Mirko Tedeschi for bonsai and Jesus Quintas for suiseki, will award the most beautiful specimens and the best workmanship. The 2019 novelty is the special prize for team bonsai processing.
For the art section at the entrance of Palazzo Blu the installation 'Loves me loves me not' by the artist Rohan Kahatapitiya will be displayed, consisting of a three-meter cube containing a daisy marguerite with suspended petals and anchored to steel cables in slight movement. The artist's second installation created in collaboration with the Franco Russoli Art School students will be located in Largo Ciro Menotti. Corso Italia will host the live painting performance curated by Fuco Fucina Contemporanea.
On Saturday, Piazza Gambacorti will host the performance of painting Le temp de fleur by Giorgio Fornaca. Sunday, April 14th, the artists Rūta Zuzevičiūtė and Beatrice Taccogna will conduct an origami workshop and an impromptu painting workshop of small works of art. Both days the artist Gianluca Palazzolo will create a new and personalized woodcut of the event to donate to visitors.
The 'Edu' section includes a program of environmental laboratories located along the exhibition route: in the greenhouse located in Corso Italia the students of the Ermenegildo Santoni Agricultural Institute will carry out miniseres of medicinal plants and seed bombs for plant repopulation of fallow land together with visitors. . Piazza della Pera will host a sensory journey to discover the aromatic plants, the activities of GreenPeace Pisa dedicated to climate change and the social agriculture activities of the L'Alba Association.
The 'Junior' section presents an extensive program of activities dedicated to younger visitors with the story bike, animated readings and the giant bubble cart.
Lovers of photography will find in the 'Photo' section located in Logge dei Banchi the photographic set led by the Imago Cultural Association and the exhibition of I Colori dei Fiori proposed by the Photo Experience Association. The award ceremony will take place on Sunday April 14th at 5.30pm.
The 'Tour' section contains a program of guided visits to the historical and artistic beauties of the city. Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 April cruises will take place along the Arno river with tasting of homemade De ’Coltelli ice cream and boarding from Scalo Roncioni. From Friday to Sunday the Botanical Garden organizes guided tours of the natural beauties preserved in this amazing corner of the city of Pisa, accompanied on Sunday by the creative workshop for girls in bloom: a guided walk in the greener heart and ancient city between science and curiosity. During Fior di Città it will also be possible to see the city of Pisa from above walking along the walls of Pisa.