Pisa Fancy Women Bike Ride 2022

Pisa Fancy Women Bike Ride 2022
Pisa Fancy Women Bike Ride 2022
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Since 2013, the Fancy Women's Cycling Tour has been held on the third Sunday in September with thousands of participants in hundreds of cities to show that everyone can ride a bike, even a very good and fancy one. The event is a reminder that cycling is free and encourages more women to take up cycling in the city, celebrating World Car Free Cities Day. Free, voluntary event, no registration required.

Appointment in Pisa on Sunday 18 September at 17:30 in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II

Dress code: no lycra jumpsuits, but hats, heels, fluttering and colourful dresses. Don't buy anything new, use what you have
🚲 Decorate your bike: flowers, ribbons, balloons, give room for creativity.
📸 Pose in front of photographers.
😁 Greet passers-by with a smile while cycling.
👩👩👧👧 Bring your girlfriends and have fun together.

Men can participate, but we ask that priority be given to women with girls and children.
Girls and children are welcome as long as they are able to ride a bike and are under parental supervision.