Omino dei Sogni

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scuole Viviani
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The 18th edition of Teatrino del Sole, the most important exhibition dedicated to the puppet theater on the Tuscan coast, ends with the last three events, with the financial contribution of the participating municipalities, sponsored by the Region, the Fondazione Toscana show and the International Union della Marionetta (Unima), for the sixth week of performances at Marina di Pisa.
The conclusion of this XVIII edition will be entrusted to the company Il Cerchio Tondo from Lecco, with the show the Omino dei Sogni for marionettes, manipulator and musician. The show will be held in the garden of the Viviani schools, Friday 10th August at 21.30 - admission single seat € 5.
The story is about a child who wants to listen to fairy tales instead of sleeping: like that of the clever Volpe who wanted to eat geese and ochini; or that of the Baba-Jaga who wants to eat the child; or even that of the Sun and the Moon that had risen in the sky to leave room for water and for all his family.
The narration will be accompanied by the violin of Janos Hasur, known in Italy for having been part, for over 12 years, of the shows of Moni Ovadia, who commented on this experience. It's the first time I created a musical fabric for a puppet show and it was like coming home. I met in the tales the same spirit of tradition, the sense of the eternal proper of the human soul! I realized that it was not enough only the violin, but it also took my viola to create a right atmosphere for these beautiful stories.
Naturally, the workshops will also end at 5.30 pm, with adults and children involved in the second environmental laboratory in the Marina di Pisa wood, in collaboration with WWF Alta Toscana. Further information: 345 5004682 -
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