Ipazzi Factory
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With the name of "Nemo artist at home" we have run a series of exhibitions and events to offer the opportunity to exhibit in their city of youth education, Pisa, artists who have then permanently developed their own path elsewhere, obtaining well-deserved certificates and awards.
After the first meeting held from March 24th to April 7th with the exhibition TANGRAM by Francesco Moretti, an artist who has been living and working in Greece for years and whose exhibition was held in collaboration with the Chinese Institute of Culture Confucius of the High School Sant'anna di Pisa and obtained the patronage of the Municipality of Pisa.
This is the opportunity to get to know the work of Michele Rossi in MOTIS art. With him we bring back to Pisa an internationally active multifaceted artistic talent. For years, both living and working in Barcelona, Spain, MOTIS has a series of exhibitions in prestigious spaces ranging from Shanghai to New York, from Madrid to Milan, as well as Barcelona itself. His return to his and our city we are sure, is an opportunity for many who willingly await these rare opportunities to meet face to face with him and his art. A meeting that, as a collective, we are pleased to offer them, as anyone interested in contemporary art with an international flavor.
The exhibition will feature large-format graphic and pictorial works created specifically for the event, created in a site-specific manner.