Mostra IN&Out di Andrea Gnocchi alla Chiesa della Spina

Mostra IN&Out di Andrea Gnocchi alla Chiesa della Spina
Mostra IN&Out di Andrea Gnocchi alla Chiesa della Spina
Chiesa della Spina
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Inside the premises of the church of Santa Maria della Spina in Pisa we find the magnificent works of the artist Andrea Gnocchi. The exhibition entitled In & Out, curated by Riccardo Ferrucci, consists of four large paintings depicting four views of the Louvre museum, with smaller drawings alongside; black and white inks on wood, depicting the works and famous rooms of the museum.
The history of the Louvre, an eternal example of art, becomes a poetic reworking that leads us into the realms of dreams and lightness. The stones, white and grey marble of the Chiesa della Spina are superbly reflected in Gnocchi's paintings, creating a splendid emotional journey.

In his artistic career, Andrea Gnocchi tackles different themes, seeking new stimuli that lead him to create cycles with different subjects.
Starting with a study of industrial suburbs, he then began to make a name for himself with his icons, investigating the world of Motorart in a 'pop' key. However, it is through his research into the perspective of city views that he is able to express his art to the fullest, succeeding in arriving at his distinctive pictorial style.
In recent years, he has also dealt with themes such as sport, cinema and interiors. These are part of his latest pictorial research: because of the covid, the artist, like all of us, found himself locked in his home and, taking advantage of this reality, he created a new group of works that analyse domestic intimacy, highlighting the interiors we inhabit.

The exhibition that Gnocchi is proposing for the Church of Santa Maria della Spina in Pisa is based precisely on the duplicity between the outside and the inside, between the intimate and the outside, between In and Out.
The artist starts from the outside to then turn on a focus and go digging inside. A digging that goes beyond the physical space portrayed, but has the prerogative of exploring the intimate human soul.

The exhibition, organised by Casa d'Arte San Lorenzo, in collaboration with C.R.A. (Centro Raccolta Arte) and with the support of FuoriLuogo, has the patronage of the Region of Tuscany and the Municipality of Pisa.

The exhibition will be inaugurated on Saturday 7 May 2022 at 5 p.m., at the Church of Santa Maria della Spina, Lungarno Gambacorti, 56125 Pisa, and will be open until Sunday 22 May 2022.

FREE ENTRANCE. Opening hours: from Thursday to Sunday from 15.00 to 19.00.