Attitude exhibition at Palazzo Blu

Mostra Attitude a Palazzo Blu
Mostra Attitude a Palazzo Blu
Palazzo Blu
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Access to the Museum and/or Auditorium requires a COVID-19 Super Green Pass, proof of identity and an Ffp2 mask. COVID-19 green certification is not required for children excluded by age from the vaccination campaign and for those exempt on the basis of appropriate medical certification.


"Attitude | Graffiti writing, Street art, Neo Muralism", a project curated by Gianguido Grassi, produced by Start - Open your eyes and produced by Fondazione Pisa, under the patronage of Comune di Pisa, Provincia di Pisa, Regione Toscana, Consiglio Regionale della Toscana, with the support of Università di Pisa, Scuola Normale Superiore and Scuola Normale Superiore Sant'Anna.

An exhibition-event, with live performances, which for the first time in Tuscany presents in an organic way a generation of artists, almost all in their forties, who - after starting to express themselves in the street in an unauthorised way - today work with a complete and refined language, in continuity with the breaking and avant-garde art of the 1960s. 

On Saturday 18 December at 5 pm, the happening with four of the artists involved will take place in the Auditorium at Palazzo Blu.

The exhibition project gives voice to 45 artists from all over the world: they are the talents of urban art, those who have been able to combine the creative energy of the street with a solid artistic background and who are now called to work in many cities around the world and to participate in international exhibitions and events.

 The exhibition "Attitude | Graffiti writing, Street art, Neo Muralism" brings together the many forms of urban art, from graffiti to abstractionism. There are 74 works on display, all from the artists' archives and important collections. The exhibition starts in the library and continues in the rooms on the fourth floor of Palazzo Blu, to narrate the various declinations of urban art, from the more rebellious and social soul of graffiti to the monumental one of the most recent institutional manifestations.


The legacy of Keith Haring_ This exhibition project takes shape at the very moment when Palazzo Blu celebrates Keith Haring, one of the fathers of street art who left a significant work in Pisa: the Tuttomondo mural, created in 1989. 

 Many of the artists featured in "Attitude | Graffiti writing, Street art, Neo Muralism" have painted in Pisa and Tuscany, helping to put down roots here one of the most disruptive and global cultural phenomena of the last 40 years, capable of influencing the collective imagination and changing the face of our cities: proof of this is the Porta a Mare district, included by Sky Arte in the 20 unmissable places to visit in Italy for its painted walls.

The artists on show_ 108, 2501, Abbominevole, Aec Interesni Kazki, Alberonero, Aris, Barbieri Francesco, Bartocci Giorgio, Beast, Bosoletti Francisco, C215, Ciredz, Dado, Duke1, Egs, Eron, Etnik, Farao, Gaia, Hitnes, Imos, Joys, Martini Rae, Massimo Sospetto, Moneyless, Moses&Taps, No Curves, Oker, Okuda San Miguel, Ozmo, Pasquini Alice, Peeta, Phase2, Porto, Rough Remi, Run, Rusto, Rusty, Sbam, Shepard Farey- Obey, Soap The wizard, Solomostry, Sten&Lex, Tellas, Zed1, Zedz.

The live performances_ Throughout its duration, the exhibition will be interspersed with four live performances, one per month, which will deepen the knowledge of four leading figures in Urban art. The same names will each give life to a one-month solo exhibition in the Sala Focus. The first artist to be featured will be 108, one of the leading exponents of abstract post-graffiti art, already the protagonist of "Nusing", the first major exhibition on European post-graffiti art held in Paris in 2004, and of the 52nd Venice Biennale in 2007. His language is composed of an alternation of painting, muralism, sculpture and sound. At Palazzo Blu, he will present "Il museo dell'absurd", a site-specific installation that allows for interchangeability between the individual fragments that compose it, giving the idea of becoming and passing, of the transformation of a place, as happens with works made in the street.

The calendar of live performances.  

The first event on the programme is with Joys, the Italian writing legend, who will paint the exhibition entrance panel and the base on which his sculpture rests between 28 and 30 January: a dialogue between the second and third dimensions, between painting and sculpture in which to appreciate the potential and results of the study of the letter by one of the pioneers of international writing.  

On 25 February there will be a performance by the Milanese 2501, a great scholar of counter-cultures: his Macchina, the title of his live intervention, will draw a bridge between the pictorial dimension and that of time, through software capable of translating signs on paper into sound waves in real time.  

Finally, from Saturday 26 March to 3 April it will be the turn of New York street artist Gaia, born Andrew Pisacane, who Forbes has included among the 30 Under 30 who will change the world. The work that Gaia will create in real time is entitled Tuttomondo, in homage to Keith Haring's mural of the same name in Pisa, the protagonist of a large exhibition underway at Palazzo Blu at the same time as "ATTITUDE | Graffiti writing, Street art, Neo Muralism". 

After 108, it will be the turn of Joys, an Italian writing legend, a pioneer whose geometries can even be found in Russia and China; this will be followed by a live performance by the Milanese artist 2501, who is also a great scholar of countercultures. This will be followed by a live performance by the New York street artist Gaia, who Forbes has included among the 30 Under 30 who will change the world, and who is already active in Pisa. The same four artists will be the focus of a personal exhibition in one of the rooms where the works will be changed every month.

To complete the course of "Attitude | Graffiti writing, Street art, Neo Muralism", a series of signatures from the international urban scene will arrive in Pisa to paint new walls and enrich the heritage of contemporary public works.

Attitude | Graffiti writing, Street art, Neo Muralism


Mondays - Fridays 10 a.m. - 7 p.m., Saturdays Sundays and public holidays 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.

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