Monday night book clash 2014

Libreria l'Orsa Minore
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A travel book competition based on a public reading challenge: a different way to present brand-new releases by disclosing griping adventures through the voice of more and less famous writers. 

The first part of the competition – embracing 8 rounds, each of which focusing on 3 books – will be taking place on Mondays from October to November. From January on, the public could enjoy the second and final part, consisting of single-elimination tournaments. 

The first part is regulated according to a very simple scheme: each week will have its own three-book round. The evening will be closed by a promotion: according to the votes obtained, the first two competing books will gain access to the second round. The public is encouraged to play an active part in the election. 


October, 6th, 09:00 p.m.: round A
October, 13th, 09:00 p.m.: round B
October, 20th, 09:00 p.m.: round C
October, 27th, 09:00 p.m.: round D
November, 3rd, 09:00 p.m.: round E
November, 10th, 09:00 p.m.: round F
November, 17th, 09:00 p.m.: round G
November, 24th, 09:00 p.m.: round H