Masi Memorial on the Walls 2022

Memorial Masi sulle Mura 2022
Memorial Masi sulle Mura 2022
Mura di Pisa
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The appointment with the Saverio Masi Memorial is renewed, this year reaching its 16th edition. The event, which combines charity and commemoration, is organised by the Saverio Masi Committee and the Pisa Provincial Fire Brigade Command, and will consist of a non-competitive walk open to all. This year, the choice of the organisation to donate the day's proceeds to fell on the Autism Association of Pisa, set up in 2011 to create a network of cars for parents of children, young people and adults with autism spectrum syndrome. The total funds donated will result from the sum of the registration fees for the walk and the sale of Fire Brigade calendars. A raffle will also be held, with prizes being awarded at the end of the event.

The route of this edition's walk will be made special by the collaboration with ATI Mura di Pisa, which has granted free admission to participants in the event by identifying two access points: the first from the Torre di Legno in Piazza del Rosso, the second - which will facilitate access for people with walking difficulties and wheelchairs - from Piazza delle Gondole. "I consider the collaboration with the Walls of Pisa important because it is a recognition of the spirit of sociality with which we colleagues remember Saverio, both by organising this initiative and on the many other occasions," says Alessandro Martelli, president of the Saverio Masi Committee.

Departure in staggered groups is scheduled for 9.30 a.m. on Sunday 27 November from the headquarters of the Pisa Fire Brigade Provincial Command: it will be here that participants will return after walking either 6 km or 12 km. In the first case, the walk will go as far as Piazza dei Miracoli; for those who instead choose the long route, the additional kilometres will be those covered from the reunion on Viale delle Piagge. To allow the day to unfold in safety, the ANVVF of Pisa will be present, in addition to the command operators, who will preside over the refreshment point, and an ambulance from the Misericordia di Calci.

It is possible to register for the walk, which has a registration fee of 5 euro, by going to the Redrunning shop on the Lungarno Galilei, or at one of the two stands that will be set up on Saturday 26 November at the Carrefour and the Pisanova Shopping Centre, the latter of which, together with the Municipality of Pisa, have given patronage to the event. Finally, it will be possible to register on the morning itself, presenting oneself from 8 to 9 a.m. at the meeting point.