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"Macèrie", on Wednesday October 30th at Teatro Verdi, the story of Pisa in the war is staged. Reduced prices from 6 to 10 euros, 3 euros for young people under 18 years
Pisa, 23rd October 2019. Last tests for the theatrical companions "Il Gabbiano" and "Crocchio Goliardi Spensierati" which on Wednesday 30th October will bring to the stage, in a suitably reduced version, the vernacular work "Macèrie", written by Domenico Sartori ( Verdi Theater, 9.00 pm). A text that made the history of popular theater and that between 1945 (the year of its debut) and 1955 (the year preceding the death of Sartori) was replicated countless times in all theaters of Italy with extraordinary success.
The goal is to let the Pisans, especially the younger ones, know this show that sums up one of the most dramatic pages of the city's identity. For this reason the tickets will have the symbolic cost of 6.00 and 10.00 euros, with a reduction to 3.00 euros for young people up to eighteen. The presale is at Teatro Verdi Theater Box Office (tel. 050.941188) or online at
"Macèrie" is the story of a Pisan family who lives with dignity the despair of waiting for the return of a son "taken away by the Germans", in a destroyed and lost Pisa who wants to turn the page. The rubble evoked by the title is therefore not only the concrete ruins of the devastated city, but also the moral ruins of a new generation that with genuine commitment wants to rebuild a society based on better values. A comedy that combines the genuineness of the easy to talk about the city with the extraordinarily effective narrative truth of the Pisan post-war period, characterized by destruction and desperation but also by hopes, solidarity and civil commitment.
The director is Nicola Fanucchi, from Lucca, appreciated internationally for his staging of prose and opera. The performers are Lorenzo Gremigni, Arianna Priami, Linda Campolo, Matteo Micheli, Daniela Bertini, Fabiano Cambule, Alice Bianchi, Valdo Mori.
The show, postponed last August 31 due to the weather and in any case reduced to the stage at the Santo Stefano theater in Porta a Lucca, is made possible thanks to the contribution of the Municipality of Pisa.