“Luna 50”, nasce a Pisa il Festival dedicato ai 50 anni dallo sbarco sulla Luna

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Luna50 program, conceived by Sergio Giudici and Paolo Pesciatini, and organized by the Municipality of Pisa and the University of Pisa, was presented this morning in Palazzo Gambacorti. In the technical scientific committee Chiara Bodei, Maria Antonella Galanti, Sergio Giudici and Sandra Lischi, and the collaboration of professors of scientific and humanistic disciplines. First appointment Thursday 4th July (Auditorium Cittadella Galileiana, at 9.15 pm) with the round table, which will be followed by appointments every day until the 50th anniversary of the landing, Saturday 20th July, when the parade is scheduled for the streets of the center city of the exhibitors of "Star Wars", while the Lego laboratory ("build your rocket") and the "Virtual park" with video installations, games, augmented reality, real and simulated moon landings will be held at the Galileo Citadel.       "The collaboration between the Municipal Administration and the University of Pisa - said the councilor for tourism of the Municipality of Pisa, Paolo Pesciatini - continues in a profitable way to give important results for the purpose of strict disclosure of knowledge and promotion of our tourist offer. In fact, after the success of the day dedicated to the birth of Galileo, last February, now with "Luna50" we have organized an exhibition that will cover almost the entire month of July to celebrate, in the City and on the Coast, the fifty years of the landing , with shows, concerts, conferences, astronomical observations. La Luna will talk to us through art, science, literature, myth, music, having always been a muse and source of inspiration. From Pisa, city of humanistic and scientific knowledge, the narrative star "will say more", to paraphrase Italo Calvino, to those, citizens and tourists who want to participate in these extraordinary events. Pisa, therefore, will remember that night of 20th July 1969 that, "different from every other night in the world", according to the words of Giuseppe Ungaretti, allowed the man to reach the unattainable, without for this stop the imagination ".       "I express great satisfaction on behalf of the University - said the vicarious protector of the University of Pisa, Nicoletta De Francesco - for the scientific dissemination initiatives that we are carrying out in collaboration with the Municipality, as has already happened for Galileo's day. The "Luna50" event was born from the multidisciplinary contribution of different professors of the University, whom I thank, with themes ranging from physics and the scientific fields to the humanistic ones, from music to cinema, from art to literature ".       The festival is divided into sections dedicated to "Moon and science", "Art and cinema", "Words and music", "Astronomical observations", "Events for families and children". "Luna50" continues also in October with a series of update days for teachers of secondary schools of I and II grade.       The complete program of the festival is available on the website of the municipality of Pisa https://www.comune.pisa.it/it/default/26443/eventi-home/Luna50.html