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Inaugurazione Della Ludoteca Scientifica 2018 Sedicesima Edizione
Inaugurazione Della Ludoteca Scientifica 2018 Sedicesima Edizione
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On Saturday 10th March, at 10.30, the sixteenth edition of the Scientific Library "Dialogar di scienza sperimentando sotto la Torre" opens, the interactive exhibition set up by the Physics Department of the University of Pisa and the Institute of Optics of the Cnr at the premises of the Citadel of Galileia, in Largo Padre Renzo Spadoni. The exhibition will remain open to the public for this spring edition from 12 March to 26 May.
The Science Library was born in Pisa in 2002 from an idea of Nadia Ioli Pierazzini, then CNR researcher, who set up some experiments for the first teaching laboratories based on the Galilean scientific method: starting from the experience to elaborate concepts or learn by playing.
Over the years, the format has evolved and the number of experiments that students and visitors to the exhibition have been encouraged to do, under the guidance of highly qualified animators, to explore the fascination of science and understand the laws that regulate it through experience. direct.
The exhibition is supported by the Pisa Foundation and sponsored and supported by the Municipality of Pisa. To book a guided tour of the paths or the new laboratories of acoustics, medical physics, mathematics and geology: 0502214861; 320040394. For more info visit the website
By presenting the admission ticket to the Ludoteca Scientifica it is possible to obtain a discounted price for a visit to the Calcolo Museum, also located inside the Galilean Citadel.