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Lego Tourrr
Lego Tourrr
Logge dei Banchi
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The colorful and entertaining LEGO® Tour 2018 in Pisa, which in the past weeks has touched Turin, Naples and Cattolica, ends in Pisa. Sunday, July 15 from 11 to 20 in Pisa at the Logge dei Banchi, LEGO Italy, under the patronage of the City of Pisa, will entertain young and old with fabulous games designed for all ages.
An area of 250 square meters will be divided into four areas dedicated to children with LEGO Duplo bricks, ice explorers with the new LEGO City proposals, to the girls who adore the friends of LEGO Friends and the super Ninja who want to put themselves to the test with LEGO Ninjago. The younger children will find dinosaurs and LEGO Duplo farms waiting for them. Designed especially for preschoolers' hands, LEGO Duplo bricks will allow you to play with terrible T.Rex, taken directly from the world of Jurassic World, or delicious little animals typical of the farm. In addition, the "pools" full of bricks will be perfect to give life to anything the imagination suggests, from the high towers to the first joints. Everything is possible with the imagination of the little ones and the Duplo bricks.
"It takes heart": this is the task of true Friends who will go to the Logge dei Banchi in Pisa. You have to put more heart in the world building lots of little hearts of LEGO Friends bricks and you have to have a lot of friends to build the little Go Kart in bricks. To overcome the challenge only love is needed.
Although the Tour is summer, LEGO City reserves arctic landscapes for those who dare to venture into the ice of the pack ice. In the LEGO City space you will also learn how to survive in the Arctic or overcome the frozen lakes; all missions full of fun and bricks. At the end of the test do not forget to build your favorite polar animal. The ninjas are expected for a new challenge in the LEGO Ninjago area. This time the test is incredible: you have to learn the art of Dragonjitzu. The launch of the Dragonjitzu is a very special technique. All the fabulous areas of the LEGO 2018 Summer Tour provide a series of fun activities to build as soon as you arrive and not know what boredom is. And finally you can have the souvenir photo with the backdrops you prefer or the LEGO models. Admission is free.