La figura femminile nell'arte: aspettando l'otto marzo

La Figura Femminile Nellarte Aspettando Lotto Marzo 6
La Figura Femminile Nellarte Aspettando Lotto Marzo 6
Gamec Centro Arte moderna di Pisa
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The exhibition "The female figure in art: waiting for March 8th" which, ordered and curated by Massimiliano Sbrana, wants to give a brief but significant path of the female figure as it opens to the public on Saturday 10 February at 5 pm at the Gamec the artists have represented it over time.
For centuries, women have been the founding element of art. Starting from the representations and sculptures of prehistory, the woman has been represented in its many facets: a woman as a mother, a woman as a saint, a woman as a devil, a woman as a lover, etc.
A female figure therefore that in the figurative arts, has covered from time to time a different symbolic dress over the centuries, hand in hand with the evolution of artistic techniques and styles, with the variation of aesthetic taste and, element no less important, with the different way of conceiving the role of women in society.
For the painter, the woman is above all form. It is the symbol of the figuration of all time, it is the archetype of the human dimension, its transparent depth, its glorious intellect, its absolute perfection, above all other living forms.
For info:; 3393961536. The exhibition will continue until 28 February 2018. (free admission). Hours: 10-12.30 / 16.30-19.00 (weekdays); (public call); closed Monday.