L'attenzione è una forma - mostra alla galleria Ipazzi Factory

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On June 1st at 6.30 pm the exhibition 'Attention is a form' at the Ipazzi Factory gallery in Pisa will be inaugurated. It is an intense journey to discover unique works built around the suggestions evoked by the poems of Paola Loreto.
The proposal is curated by Eliana Negroni, designer sensitive to the poetry of the author's jewel, already responsible for exhibition projects related to the Italian association for contemporary jewelry.
The goal is to involve parallel arts, focusing on a key element, the attention. The song 'Attention is a form' taken from the collection 'Case | spogliamenti 'di Paola Loreti has embarked on a path of study on the tones and emotional states that accompany the creative process of contemporary jewelry.
Eliana Negroni studied the pieces composed by Paola Loreto, poet and teacher of Anglo-American Literature at the University of Milan, isolating fragments of absolute intensity, to accompany the observation and reading of the works, starting from the work of Stenia Scarselli, in permanent residence in the gallery, and of a careful selection of international authors.
Clara Del Papa, Italo-Venezuelan; Fabiana Gadano, argentina; Jamie Chung and Joo Hyung Park Korean; Helmi Lindblom and Wiebke Pandikow, finnish; Steffi Götze, German; Sergio Spivach and Stefano Spivach with their Australian opals, which turn into unique pieces in the Udine laboratory.
Works very different from each other, but with a subtle thread that unites them: 'attention', the extreme attention to detail, which becomes emotion and surfaces in the works of goldsmiths.
The gallery exhibits curated by Stenia Scarselli and the Arte della Memoria working group, the cultural association that animates the Ipazzi Factory gallery, make this exhibition unique in the current panorama of experimental jewelery.