Internet Festival 2021

Internet Festival 2021
Internet Festival 2021
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A prestigious university city of international standing, Pisa confirms its vocation for research and analysis of possible future scenarios with initiatives of interest and media depth. Among these is the Internet Festival, now in its 11th edition, which is the only event in Italy that tackles with scientific lucidity a subject that is not easy to analyse. The key word of #IF2021 is Phygital, the fusion of the physical and digital dimensions that now characterises our daily lives.

Dozens of virtual or live events in city locations will allow the public to get a clearer picture of the network's potential for development, its margins of use, but also the many criticalities it suffers from and the solutions to be adopted to make the most of its useful potential and inhibit the misleading one.

IF 2021 will be held in the presence of international experts, panels, workshops and cultural events to understand how the world of the web is evolving and how, inevitably, it is dealing with the ongoing pandemic. Topics such as smart working, schooling and the difficulty of lessons from home will be discussed.

This year's T-tours (training courses) make a special appeal to the ingenuity, skills and creativity of each and every one of us, not only to innovate formats and methods of interaction in presence, but above all to enrich the digital dimension with content and engaging and participatory methods.