Il concerto del Piccolo Ensemble

Foto Piccoo Ensemble
Foto Piccoo Ensemble
chiesa di Sant' Anna
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On friday October 13th at 9.15 pm there will be held the concert of Piccolo Ensemble at the Sant'Anna church, organised by Contrappunto Associazione Musicale and Associazione Allievi della scuola superiore Sant'Anna, sustained by Assessorato of Culture of Pisa and Fondazione Pisa. There will be Brandeburghesi concert n 3-4-6 of Bach . The concert entrance is free of charge. Piccolo Ensemble is organised through arches of ORT (Orchestra Regionale Toscana). It has already collaborated with Contrappunto Associazione Musicale in various events. On this occasion it will presented as ensemble barocco made up by three violins, two flutes and a harpsichord.