Fiera del disco alla stazione Leopolda

Stazione Leopolda
Stazione Leopolda
Stazione Leopolda
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Spring edition for the used and collectible CD and DVD Exhibition in Pisa on May 26th, 2019, 10 am to 7 pm at the Leopolda, the ancient railway station now back in the availability of the city after a restoration work that left the architectural features but at the same time made it functional to host all kinds of events.
So the participants will find themselves playing with the past to always look to the future through vinyl, in all its forms: rock, reggae, punk, jazz, blues, classical, Italian, folk and so on and so forth.
The audience of the Etruscan Coast will find collectible rarities, records that they have been pursuing for years, curiosities, opportunities not to be missed. Do not miss the rare surprises: from the Italian rap of the 90s to the new Radiohead and Massive Attack, to the first prints of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, up to the Italian prog and the inevitable led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd.
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