Federico Buffa in l'odissea di Kubrick

Federico Buffa 2
Federico Buffa 2
Piazza dei Cavalieri
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The great Italian storyteller Federico Buffa in Pisa with his latest work 'The Odyssey of Kubrick', 50 years after the first release in the theaters of '2001: A Space Odyssey' and a few days before the applauded national premiere at Teatro Romano in Verona of this fascinating journey into the world of a film masterpiece of the history of cinema and that of its creator, between past and future: '2001 A Space Odyssey' is a Homeric and visionary film that has changed not only a genre, science fiction, but the cinema.
The appointment is in Piazza dei Cavalieri, on 9th July. The event completes the program of Numeri Primi Pisa Festival, the new musical review of the Pisan summer, which from 5th to 10th July will stage great shows. Let us remember the bill: Rigoletto by Giuseppe Verdi on 5th July; Tuck and Patti on 7th July; Vinicio Capossela 8th July and Edoardo Bennato 10th July.
Federico Buffa tells the director's odyssey of giving substance to the history of humanity from its dawn and beyond the infinite. April 1968. "Stanley Kubrick is finished", they unanimously proclaim producers and critics after the first screenings of '2001: A Space Odyssey' in Washington. Despite the verdict in the Hollywood establishment, Bowman's journey into space will quickly become a public and critical success. Kubrick's film will give an epochal turning point to the history of cinema. 35 artists and designers, more than 20 special effects experts, a copious staff of scientific consultants, Marvin Minsky of MIT, one of the leading experts in artificial intelligence and automaton construction, meticulously imagine a future very close to our present. As in all Kubrick's films, music and, therefore, the soundtrack, occupy not a secondary part. Indeed, at times it is practically one with dialogues and filming. On the passion of the great director and his meticulousness in choosing the accompaniment for the stories he brought to the big screen.
And thanks to the ensemble of 6 elements directed by Alessandro Nidi, who also oversaw the arrangements, we will be able to listen to the songs that forged the musical world of Kubrick's cinematography, ranging from Richard Strauss to Vivaldi from Haendel to Rossini to the magnificent 'Il beautiful blue Danube that in the film emphasizes above all the scene of the flight to the moon and that since that moment has indissolubly linked the waltz of Johann Strauss son to Kubric's masterpiece. Alessandro Nidi will play the piano and will be accompanied by Nadio Marenco on the accordion, Sebastiano Nidi on percussion and Tea Pagliarini on the horn; at the trombone we will have Filippo Nidi and finally on the guitar, keyboards and voice Emanuele Nidi. The direction is by Cecilia Gragnani and the lighting design by Manuel Luigi Frenda. The joint production is by International Music and Arts and the Verona Beauty Festival. Tickets starting at 18 euros.
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