FAI Spring Days 2023

Giornate FAI Primavera 2023
Giornate FAI Primavera 2023
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Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 March 2023 sees the renewal of the appointment with the FAI Spring Days, the most important public event dedicated to Italy's cultural heritage and landscape. The FAI's flagship event, now in its 31st edition, will offer the opportunity to discover and rediscover astonishing art and nature treasures all over Italy, taking part in the free-contribution visits proposed by the Foundation's volunteers to more than 750 places in 400 cities, most of which are usually inaccessible or little-known (the list of open places and the procedures for taking part will be published on this website from 15 March).

A weekend with a single protagonist: Italy's heritage of history, art and nature. A wealth of the country that continues to amaze, special places scattered in every corner of the Peninsula that reveal an extraordinary richness even where you least expect it. Not only monuments of recognised value, therefore, but also unpublished sites and unknown landscapes, whose importance in terms of culture, history and traditions, sometimes hidden or unconventional, tells the identity of the most beautiful country in the world. Villas, churches, historical palaces, castles, museums and archaeological areas will be visited, as well as examples of industrial archaeology, art collections, libraries, civil and military buildings, workplaces and craft workshops. There will also be itineraries in the villages and visits to naturalistic areas, urban parks, botanical gardens and historic gardens, in the wake of the Foundation's commitment to spreading a wider 'culture of nature'.

The event is also an important fund-raising event, which is why participants will be asked to make a free contribution of €3 to support FAI's mission and activities.

Visits to Pisa:

- Gipsoteca di Arte Antica and Antiquarium University of Pisa;

- Edda Bresciani" Egyptological Collections University of Pisa. IMPORTANT. At the Egyptological Collections, reservations are compulsory at www.giornatefai.it, where information is provided for the visit, for which you must arrive 15 minutes before the booked time. Access to the Collections will not be possible otherwise.

- The Chapels in the Carthusian Monastery;