Events dedicated to the 200 years of the poetry "Infinito" by Leopardi

Giacomo Leopardi 2
Giacomo Leopardi 2
Palazzo della Carovana
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The culmination of Leopardi's weeks will be the evening of June 28th, starting at 9 pm in the Cloister of Palazzo della Carovana, home of the Scuola Normale, with three hours of musical, sound and visual entertainment. More than 150 readers will take turns on Leopardi's Canti, while their voices will be sampled and transformed into a rhythmic score by Campos, a Pisan band active for years in electronic music, which will perform live in an unprecedented performance. The readers' voices will also command a fabric of images that will be projected on the walls of the inner courtyard of the building, curated live by Michele Fiaschi and Andrea Brogi. Music, words and images will thus unite in a real monument made of many arts, intended to celebrate and recall, re-reading it, one of the greatest authors of our literature.
The cycle of events is curated by the students and students of the Scuola Normale, coordinated by Giovanni Guerrieri dei Sacchi di Sabbia. All meetings are open to the public, completely free and free.

On June 28th there will be a three hours show at Palazzo della Carovana - Scuola Normale. More than 150 readers will