Domenica in musica: a Palazzo Blu il concerto dell'Accademia Strata

Alexander Sardon Trampus 2
Alexander Sardon Trampus 2
Palazzo Blu
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The sixth edition of the exhibition 'Domenica in Musica', organized by Palazzo Blu in collaboration with the Fondazione Foundation and the Stefano Strata Academy of Music and dedicated this year to Marco Grondona, the historical soul of the event, is now underway. From Sunday 10th November until 3rd May 2020 there will be a succession of musical appointments. On November 17th, jazz starts again, which will occupy the whole month, to return to chamber music in January. The meetings are open to everyone, with free and free admission (with online booking required on on Sunday morning in the auditorium, starting at 11 am.
To inaugurate the 2019-2020 edition of the event, 10th November, will be the Accademia Strata with two young talented scholarship winners for deserving students: Jacopo Mai, a student in the Piano Masterclass of Maestro Daniel Rivera, and Alexander Sardon Trampus, student in the violin Masterclass of the M ° Alina Company. To book and participate in the event you must register on the site starting from Tuesday 5 November, 2.30pm. After this first performance, the appointments with the Strata Academy will resume in April 2020.
Throughout the month of November and part of December, the musical mornings will be occupied by the Jazz, with the concert lessons presented by Francesco Martinelli, in collaboration with Ex-Wide and Music Pool within the Pisa Jazz. The first event, Sunday 17 November, will be dedicated to Charles Mingus. The chamber music concerts by the Area Foundation will start on January 12th with a flute and piano concert that will introduce viewers to the knowledge of orchestra instruments. The musical events of the Area Foundation will continue until March 2020.
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