Concerto d'autunno dell' orchestra dell' Università di Pisa

Orchestra Universita Di Pisa 3
Orchestra Universita Di Pisa 3
Teatro Verdi
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'Double Dream: from Amadeus to Kubrick' is the title of the Autumn Concert of the Orchestra of the University of Pisa, which will take place on October 26th at 9pm at Teatro Verdi in Pisa. Scheduled, the Overture from the Magic Flute K 620 and the Symphony no. 25 in W. A. Mozart's Lower K 183, followed by Jazz Suite no. 1 and D. D. Shostakovich's Suite for Variety Orchestra, with the famous waltz in the movie 'Eyes wide shut'. He will direct Master Manfred Giampietro. Entry is free, with invitation, until seats are exhausted. Invitations may be withdrawn from October 19th at the information desk of the Teatro Verdi of Pisa from 9am to 13pm. "