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Natale 2017 Dep1
Natale 2017 Dep1
Centro Città
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Acrobatics, music and fireworks: for the New Year's Eve Pisa comes alive with street shows that will involve Pisans and tourists throughout the evening in the squares of the historic center up to the great pyromusical spectacle on the Lungarni. "Also this year we have chosen to insist on a quality proposal for all those who are looking for cities of art and culture to spend the holidays of the last year.For four years we have tried to transform even the last of the year on the occasion of tourist promotion of our city.That is why we abandoned the idea of a simple concert to pursue a more articulate level of offer able to intercept the different needs of tourists and residents with spectacular initiatives throughout the whole the day: a formula that has worked very well growing from year to year and that has brought families on the streets of Pisa, eager to celebrate the arrival of the new year in the square, "commented Deputy Mayor Paolo Ghezzi with responsibility for tourism.
The program
Sunday, December 31st, we start at 6pm in Piazza del Carmine with the 'Zzzzingheri di Maremma' Zastava Orkestar: itinerant orchestra of Balkan music, while in Largo Ciro Menotti at the same time he performs the 'Girlesque street band'. Between Piazza Garibaldi and Ponte di Mezzo the acrobatic show 'The White Moon' with 'The Company of the Follies' and following the concert of the musical group 'DB Day's Band'. It continues at 19 with the Balkan orchestra that moves to Largo Ciro Menotti.
After dinner time, at 22, the orchestras start playing again: the 'Girlesque street band' in Piazza del Carmine and the 'Zzzzingheri di Maremma' in Piazza delle Vettovaglie. While in Piazza Garibaldi Carolina Rey presents the concert of the band 'DB Day's Band', followed by the acrobatic show vertical dance and choreographic dances with 'The Company of the Follies' and the comedy show 'Leonardo Fiaschi and Valeria Graci'.
All to lead to the midnight toast to celebrate the arrival of the new year that will be marked by the musical fireworks on the lungs that will be launched from platforms on the river upstream and downstream from the Ponte di Mezzo, while the music will be broadcast by 4 lyer towers located on the 4 sides of the bridge.
To finish around 1 am the acrobatic show 'Tra Angeli e Demoni' between Piazza Garibaldi and Ponte di Mezzo and in Largo Ciro Menotti the 'Girlesque street band' traveling orchestra.