Bepi. Vita, fisime e batticuori di Giuseppe Viviani, pittore e arsellaio

Francesco Bottai Marzo Azzurrini
Francesco Bottai Marzo Azzurrini
Porto di Pisa
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End date: 
Sunday 30th June, 9:30 pm
Port of Pisa - Marina di Pisa
by and with Marco Azzurrini and Francesco Bottai
original music and songs: Francesco Bottai
Artistic collaboration: Sandbags
Production: I Sacchi di Sabbia, with the collaboration of the Pisa Graphic Museum and the support of the Tuscany Region
On a day in April 1953, "Bepi", as true friends called him, left his beloved rocks of Marina di Pisa for the first time in his life. He was now over fifty.
Driven by the friend of the heart, the writer Piero Chiara, he ventured first to Luino and Varese, then to Locarno, then even to Paris.
"First, though, we are low-minded, and for the Pisani, it is a perfect fit for a world of foolishness."
These verses by Renato Fucini, perhaps express better than any biographical data, the artist's nature. Pisano or in some ways "pisanissimo".
Giuseppe Viviani (Agnano 1898 - Pisa 1965) had no academic qualifications, but was endowed with innate abilities in painting, but above all in engraving.
It reached national fame only after the war, when it held the chair at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, a chair previously assigned to Giovanni Fattori.
This show tells the story of Viviani's journey, his whims, his delusions, his contradictions and his being "shy as the oxen", as he called himself, but also his artistic and human impulses. It does so through narration and original songs.
It wants to be a tribute, perhaps even ironic and light, but truly felt, towards one of the most important artists of the '900.
The one you know the most and the more you owe him well.