Beeriver alla Stazione Leopolda

Beeriver 2
Beeriver 2
stazione Leopolda
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A few steps from the banks of the Arno, Stazione Leopolda welcomes the seventh edition of BeeRiver: the thousand faces of craft beer will turn the spotlight on the multiple expressions of a sector in effervescent expansion, between pure and simple gratification of the palate, festive socialization and cultural deepening .
Tastings will take place in BeeRiver personalized glasses upon presentation of the tokens sold at the entrance of the Leopolda. One token is required for each tasting.
- Goblet BeeRiver 5 euros
- Token for tastings 2 euros
- Package with glass and three tokens 10 euros
- Friday 10 May 18.00 - 1.30
- Saturday 11 May h 16.00 - 1.30
- Sunday 12th May 13.00 - 23.00