Baba Sissoko & Antonello Salis al Teatro Sant’Andrea

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Teatro Sant'Andrea
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Sunday 11th February at Teatro Sant'Andrea in Pisa, Pisa Jazz and Music Pool present the unusual and telluric meeting of two of the most effervescent musicians of the international jazz scene, Baba Sissoko and Antonello Salis, for a concert "without networks", where Traditional African rhythms and jazz improvisation come together in a fireworks display full of creative energy.
Baba Sissoko, an African of Mali, is descended from a large family of Griot, wandering figures who hold and pass on knowledge, tradition, tradition, history and local culture. He began his career playing the Tamani (speaking drum). In his extremely particular style he combines melodies and rhythms typical of the African tradition with sounds of Western black music such as jazz and ul blues, reinterpreting them in a very particular key.
Sissoko shares this project with pianist and accordionist Antonello Salis, in a meeting where each of them tries to reconnect with the roots of African American music, reactivating a series of historical music short circuits. The presence of Salis is not absolutely eccentric, since the Sardinian pianist is in many ways the most "physical" and African of Italian jazz musicians and knows how to move with exceptional creativity on the paths of the most daring improvisations.
Admission: single place 12/10 € + d.p.