Arno, compagno di vita

palazzo Lanfranchi
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ARNO, COMPAGNO DI VITA is a participatory event, during which a photo exhibition and a virtual interactive installation dedicated to the Arno will be produced.
We are waiting for you to share the stories and family memories that saw our river protagonist.
Add your card to the great mosaic of European history and win a trip to Brussels for the big PAST | PRESENT final party in February 2020.
The exhibition celebrates the Arno river: silent and sometimes disruptive presence that has animated the life of our city for centuries.
From regattas to floods, from fishing for the Luminara of San Ranieri, dar Giòo der Ponte to the seagulls, the Arno comes down from Florence but is a true Pisan.
A rich digital photo exhibition will be made.
An innovative application will allow you to explore digital content through an interactive system made available to visitors, at the Graphic Museum of Pisa.
ARNO, COMPAGNO DI VITA takes place within the European project WeAre # EuropeForCulture, as part of the initiatives relating to the heritage of the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018.
From March 2019 to January 2020, a series of participatory cultural exhibitions and events unfolds throughout Europe to celebrate the diversity of local and family cultural heritage.