"Archetipi spirituali" di Anna Chromy

centro città
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Nine works by the artist Anna Chromy set up in as many suggestive places in the historic center of Pisa. It is called "Spiritual Archetypes", the exhibition, commissioned by the Municipality of Pisa, of the artistobema, resident on the Côte d'Azur, which will be inaugurated on Friday 20 September (Palazzo Gambacorti, hall of the Balearics, 5.00 pm), visible until 10 November.
Serena Nannelli writes in the notes to the catalog that "Anna Chromy, revisiting some legendary figures in her sculptures, gives body to what is an art that we could define spiritual-centric because it allows the understanding and reaffirmation of eternal principles and values of the spirit (...). The artist's collection of sculptures, called "Spiritual Archetypes", just like the myths that inspire them, speaks the language of the soul ".
Places in the City Large sculptures will be placed in the heart of the city, along the axis that from piazza della Stazione to piazza Vittorio Emanuele II leads to piazza XX settembre (seat of the Municipality), and then continue on the north side of the Arno river in San Michele in Borgo, Largo Ciro Menotti. Finally, outside the itinerary, a sculpture will be placed in Marina di Pisa, in the Balearic square.
Works on display Among the works on display, the great patinated bronze sculpture dedicated to the mythological character of "Sisyphus" (height 290 cm and 900 kg in weight), "depicted in eternal pedaling together with his partner and son", in the area green in front of the station; the titan "Prometheus" (height 250 cm and 500 kg in weight) will be at the center of Largo Ciro Menotti, while the two sculptural works representing "Chronos I" and "Chronos II" will be the gateway to Corso Italia from Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II . Here you will also see the work dedicated to the myth of "Alcyon" and the imposing "Olympic Spirit" which, thanks to its height, seems to caress the sky. Near Piazza XX Settembre (between via di Banchi and Corso Italia) the "Don Giovanni" will camp with "the cult of one's own ego, whose debauchery will satisfy giving vent to whims and impulses". In via Oberdan the "Ulysses" that Anna Chromy portrays "in the middle of her research, which is first of all existential, in balance between risk of loss and promise of conquest". The most recurrent work in Anna Chromy's production and philosophical fulcrum of her art, "The Cloak of Conscience" ("The Manto della Coscienza", in gilded bronze) will be placed in front of the church of San Michele in Borgo. Of this work the artist has created a monumental example with the marble of the Cava Michelangelo of Carrara. Finally, the last work dedicated to the god of the sea in Greek mythology, "Poseidon" will be exhibited in the Balearic square in Marina di Pisa.
"Spiritual Archetypes"
Anna Chromy
Pisa, city center
20 September - 10 November 2019