Un fiume di libri

Un fiume di libri
Un fiume di libri
Piazza Cavallotti
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Books, stories, poetry, literature, music and culture: the second edition of 'A River of Books in Piazza Cavallotti' is ready to welcome the protagonists selected by the ten Pisan publishers (from the city and the province), the collateral guests at the events and the public in what will, for all intents and purposes, be transformed into a cultural salon just a few steps away from the world's most famous Tower. From July 7 to Aug. 7, Enrico Stampacchia, owner of the Erasmus Bookstore and among the organizers of the events together with the publishers, the City Council and the Le Piagge Committee, "there will be moments of discussion and dialogue between the authors of the books that will be presented, the poets invited by Nadia Chiaverini and the musicians who will intervene to enrich the evenings. In agreement with the publishers, we have selected volumes capable of intercepting a transversal audience."

Stefano Mecenate, owner of DreamBOOK Edizioni, emphasizes "the extreme need to build an effective network of collaboration and support between independent publishing houses. This review is key to achieving this: the fabric made up of publishers, bookstores and readers survives only with these tools." The review, in an embryonic way, debuted in the summer of 2020 thanks to the intuition of Carmignani Editrice and Libreria Erasmus, "then last year we gave birth to the first real edition, in which all the Pisan publishers participated," comments Micol Carmignani, owner of the publishing house of the same name. "The fact that these cultural events were born and survived the very hard period of the pandemic is symptomatic of the importance that literature, books, and knowledge can hold for the whole society.

"This is precisely the mission of the review," concludes Councillor Paolo Pesciatini, "culture in general is able to drive the social and commercial recovery of the city. Think of the events that await us: so many summer evenings, in the heart of the historic center, just a few steps from Piazza dei Miracoli, with many curious tourists who will be able to linger and follow the presentations; residents who will be able to freely go down to Piazza Cavallotti to participate in the events."

The program of the review

- Thursday, July 7, 9:15 pm. 'Magic in Words' by Emilia Bigiani; 'The Stone House' by Donella Bacci. DreamBOOK Editions
- Friday, July 8 9:15 pm. 'Almost Mother'. PeQuod editions, evening in verse by Nadia Chiaverini.
- Sunday, July 10, 9:15 p.m.. 'I know the ending' by Riccardo Puccini. Marchetti Editore
- Tuesday, July 12 9:15 pm. 'Homo pandemicus' by Marco Ursano. MdS Publisher
- Wednesday, July 13 9:15 pm. 'Cage of Madmen. A semi-serious history of the Leghorn cage' by Luca Falorni. Astarte Editions.
- Thursday, July 14 9.15 pm. From Massimiliano Antonucci's 'Imperfect Poems' to Alessandro Scarpellini's 'Secret Love'. Evening in Verse.
- Friday, July 15 9:15 pm. 'As a Living Thing. Terra d'ulivi publisher, evening in verse by Nadia Chiaverini
- Sunday, July 17 9:15 p.m.. 'I had a date' by Carlo Contestabile. Carmignani publisher
- Tuesday, July 19, 9:15 pm. 'Pisa once upon a time, portraits from the postwar period' by Athos Bigongiali. Pacini publishing
- Thursday, July 21 9:15 pm. 'Devices'. Marco Saya publisher, evening in verse edited by Nadia Chiaverini
- Friday, July 22 9:15 pm. Poetry concert featuring the poetry of Jonathan Rizzo
- Sunday, July 24 9:15 pm. 'Journeys at the Edge of the Skin. Family Memoirs of the Leather District Opening to the World' by Giovanna Baldini. ETS Editions.
- Tuesday, July 26 9.15 pm. 'Cuore pendente, short stories and poems in the shadow of the Tower' by Cristina Lastri. Felici Editore
- Thursday, July 28 9.15 pm. 'Not like you I am?" dialogue by Nadia Chiaverini and Maristella Diotaiuti.
- Sunday, July 31 9.15 pm. 'Letters from Above the Rain. Interweaving music and literature in Italian song' by Fabrizio Bartelloni and Marco Masoni. Pacini Publisher
- Thursday, August 4 9:15 pm. 'The Queen of the Night' by Francesco Pasqualetti. Rizzoli Books
- Sunday, Aug. 7 9:15 p.m.. 'From zero to a thousand or Of the damned memory of Pisa' by Sergio Costanzo. Edizioni Il Campano