Special opening of the Museum of Human Anatomy

Apertura straordinaria del Museo di Anatomia Umana
Apertura straordinaria del Museo di Anatomia Umana
Museo Anatomia Umana
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Friday 14 October and the morning of Saturday 15 October: free guided tours upon reservation by e-mail

Pisa was one of the first university cities to have a School of Anatomy at the behest of Cosimo I dei Medici, who had an Anatomical Theatre built. In addition to the approximately 3400 preparations and 1300 anatomical models used by the lecturers of the Faculty of Medicine for their lectures and exercises, the Museum of Human Anatomy holds valuable archaeological collections, including an Egyptian mummy with sarcophagus. The museum exhibition is completed by the Galleria dei Busti, with plaster casts of ancient anatomists, and above all by the Galleria Mascagni, where Paolo Mascagni's anatomical plates are on display: 44 enormous watercolour plates, extraordinary for their richness of detail, depicting a man 1.75 cm tall. The Museo di Anatomia Umana 'Filippo Civinini' is part of the Sistema Museale di Ateneo of the University of Pisa,

Human Anatomy Museum
Via Roma, 55 - Pisa
Info and reservations: 375-6664443 - Federica Sacco
Official website: mau.sma.unipi.it