Presentation Winday and Cesare

Presentazione Winday e Cesare
Presentazione Winday e Cesare
Giardino La Nunziatina
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Presentation of Armando Editore's noir novels Winday, by Daniela Stallo and Cesare, by Mauro Valentini

Sunday 18 September | 18:00 | Giardino La Nunziatina

Sunday in the city with a double date at Giardino La Nunziatina in Pisa, for the presentation of two noir novels, scheduled for 18 September, at 6 p.m. Silvia della Longa will dialogue with Daniela Stallo, author of WINDAY and Mauro Valentini, author of CESARE, both by Armando Editore. The event will be organised by Libreria Civico 14.

In the novel Winday, by Daniela Stallo, we are in Taranto and it is Holy Thursday. The mistral blows over the factory and moves fine dust. Lucrezia Saniva, a photographer by passion and shop assistant in a stationery shop to make ends meet, lives alone in a spirit house and talks to the ghost of Inspector Maigret. At midnight, just before the procession of Our Lady of Sorrows, an attack on Ilva stops the city, the rites of Holy Week and strikes members of the Volk family, the symbol of the steel group. The investigations of Dr Iacovelli, with whom Lucrezia collaborates, are directed first towards the group that had failed an attack on Italsider in the 1970s, then towards exponents of environmentalist associations. Between resurgences of terrorism, a theft at the museum and an ancient collective narrative, simple personal stories unfold against the backdrop of a complicated and beautiful city.

In Cesare by Mauro Valentini, the noir protagonist has been living for years in a kind of voluntary isolation. He has a hole inside to which he cannot give an explanation. So he begins to search for the reason for his malaise by retracing the most important moments of his life. Lost loves, a son who does not want him as a father, and a bad injury that shattered his dreams of football promise. But in this journey of angry reflection he will soon find someone against whom he can lay the blame for his failure. And he will decide to take revenge, setting in motion a violent and salvific plan that will trigger a series of actions and reactions that will leave the reader literally breathless.

Daniela Stallo was born in Taranto in 1966. A freelance journalist, she has collaborated with local newspapers, covering political-administrative and cultural issues. She lives in Pisa, where she teaches in upper secondary schools. He has published La città sul mare (2011) and Bruciati vivi (2021).

Mauro Valentini is a journalist and writer. In 2020 with Armando Editore he was among the top ten best-selling books in Italy with Mio figlio Marco - La verità sul caso Vannini written with Marina Conte. Again with our editions he published, among others: Mirella Gregori - Cronaca di una scomparsa, Marta Russo - Il Mistero della Sapienza. With this work, he won the 2017 Amalfi Coast Literary Prize and came second in the 2019 Piersanti Mattarella Prize. Cesare is his second novel after Lo chiamavano Tyson (2021).