Presentation La Torre di marzapane

Presentazione La Torre di marzapane
Presentazione La Torre di marzapane
Giardino La Nunziatina
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Presentation of the volume published by ETS "LA TORRE DI MARZAPANE" - A modern medieval work by Gianluca Samarani

At La Nunziatina Garden with Gianluca Samarani to discover the adventures of his Ernesto Marzapane.

On Thursday 29 September at 6 p.m., La Nunziatina Garden will host the presentation of LA TORRE DI MARZAPANE (Edizioni ETS), Gianluca Samarani's literary debut.

Lecturer Nicola Feo will be present with the author.

The book consists of a collection of short poems and stories, written between the late 1990s and early 2000s, with at their centre the incredible adventures narrated by Ernesto Marzapane, a curious character portrayed as both a historian and an idle flaneur.

But who and where does Ernesto Marzipan come from? How does he know so many stories about the city of Pisa and its inhabitants, university life, Sant'Anna, and the true or verisimilar anecdotes he tells?

Evanescent, yet everywhere, he seems to know everything about everyone, either directly or thanks to the sources of his endless library, hidden who knows where within the city walls. Discover the adventures he narrates. Perhaps yours is also among these pages?

Gianluca Samarani was a student of Medical Sciences at the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna in Pisa between 1998 and 2004; he currently lives somewhere in the French Alps. Neurotypical, moderately wild, he likes to describe himself as neoteric, anapestic, hagiographic and other adjectives whose meaning he does not know. He has a lot of time in his life to think, but does not feel obliged to do so. He understands languages he does not speak, speaks languages he does not understand. In a world that wants to make a difference he prefers to add, even if what he likes to do most is multiply.