Presentation In Rosso

Presentazione In Rosso
Presentazione In Rosso
Giardino La Nunziatina
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Presentation of the volume published by ETS "IN ROSSO" a thriller by Marco Bigliazzi

At Giardino La Nunziatina on Thursday 22 September at 6 p.m. there will be the first presentation of Marco Bigliazzi's new novel, a gripping thriller mottled with mysterious murders linked to eleven bottles of "Impression in Red".

Writer and journalist Paola Alberti will be present with the author.

Five former high school friends portrayed in an old photo. Among them, two violent deaths and a third missed by a whisker, all due to falls down the stairs. Could it be that they are all just accidents? Journalist Igor Papini slips on the stairs in his cellar and ends up in a coma. Heart surgeon Nedo Bagnoli falls down a staircase at home and dies. Wine producer Fabio Buccianti falls from a ladder in his wine shop in Livorno and over his dead body someone breaks eleven bottles of the highly prized Impressione in Rosso wine. It is difficult to think that these are just coincidences, but there are not enough clues to connect the facts for the investigators to take an interest in the case. Igor, recovered from his coma but immobilised in hospital, asks his friend, architect Saverio Zefiro, to help him understand what happened and why. He discovers that all the victims had received a copy of the same photo showing them as teenagers. From here on, the two of them will delve into the dark and elusive plot of a series of mysterious murders, which seem to have their roots in the past, a cumbersome past in which Saverio himself will become personally involved before managing to discover the truth.

Marco Bigliazzi (1963), from Pisa, has a degree in History of Art and works in animation cinema. He has created and directed many short films and television series for RAI and international co-producers distributed worldwide, including La Banda Volante (2008) and Taratabong! (2009-10), which won the Best Preschool Series Award at the Cartoons On The Bay festival. His drawings and paintings have been exhibited in Italy and abroad. In Red is his third novel.