Igort, Crossing the shapes

Igort, Attraversare le forme
Igort, Attraversare le forme
Palazzo Blu
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Time for a new exhibition at Palazzo Blu

The exhibition 'Igort, Crossing the shapes' will be open from 18 May to 10 September 2023

Igort, pseudonym of Igor Tuveri, born in Cagliari on 26 September 1958, is today one of the most important contemporary Italian artists, endowed with an extraordinary multifaceted talent: not only a well-known and appreciated cartoonist whose stories have been translated all over the world, but also an inventive and cultured filmmaker, a refined publisher, an experimental musician and much more. 

Throughout his career, Igort has used different artistic techniques, ranging between literary genres: the reportage of Quaderni (Japanese, Ukrainian, Russian), the detective story of Alligatore and Sinfonia a Bombay, the noir of 5 è il numero perfetto, the biographical Fats Waller and Parole di Chandler. Also worth mentioning are his illustrations and collaborations as columnist and essayist with numerous periodicals and newspapers, from 'La Repubblica' to 'Il Manifesto', from 'Il Corriere della Sera' to 'Vanity'. Moreover, Igort was himself the founder of magazines ('Dolce Vita', 'Fuego', 'Due', 'Black') and of publishing houses dedicated to comics (Coconino Press and then Oblomov Edizioni). The film of the same name, starring Toni Servillo, Valeria Golino and Carlo Buccirosso, was based on 5 is the perfect number, translated into fifteen countries.

The exhibition Attraversare le forme allows us to admire a selection of original drawings from some of Igort's greatest hits.

5 is the perfect number allows us to delve into the noir side and to open up, with its sudden cuts and the pressing rhythm of the vision against an almost monochromatic background, to the cinematographic sphere and the film of the same name, of which unpublished documents will be on show in the exhibition. Fats Waller immerses the reader in a fascinating jazz atmosphere, recalling one of Igort's passions, music, which determines the syntactic structure of the volume. Brillo. The Egg War acts as a hinge connecting distant universes, transporting and revisiting the character of Yuri in the western world dominated by senseless warfare, seen through the dystopian lens of the German New Objectivity (one of the visual sources of the volume). Finally, the Japanese Notebooks invite us to reflect on the meeting of cultures and the logo-iconic language of comics, the result of the inseparable union of image and writing.

The basic criterion followed in the choice of material was therefore to restore to the viewer, as far as possible, the variety and multiplicity of techniques, genres and styles adopted by Igort over the years. Enjoy the journey!

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