Travelling festival celebrating the father of street art Keith Haring

Festa itinerante per celebrare il padre della street art Keith Haring
Festa itinerante per celebrare il padre della street art Keith Haring
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The events organised by the Municipality of Pisa to celebrate the genius of Keith Haring, the New York artist who created the large mural entitled Tuttomondo on a wall of the church of Sant'Antonio in Pisa, continue. On Sunday 6 March, a series of initiatives dedicated to the artist considered the father of street art will be held in the city.

It will be a great travelling festival," says culture councillor Pierpaolo Magnani, "starting in front of Keith Haring's mural and moving on to Piazza Vittorio Emanuele, Piazza del Carmine, Piazza XX Settembre and Palazzo Blu, with shows, dance, video mapping and music. This is the latest in a series of initiatives we have organised in recent years to pay homage to the father of street art, including the videomapping projected at Palazzo Pretorio and Logge dei Banchi, the two days of cultural events to celebrate the mural's thirtieth anniversary, the installation of the tourist sign pointing to the mural on the wall of the church of Sant'Antonio, the programme of events entitled NatHaring and "Keith is back in Pisa! "and the colourful itinerary linking Tuttomondo to the exhibition dedicated to the artist at Palazzo Blu, created in collaboration with Palazzo Blu, Fondazione Pisa and MondoMostre".

This is the programme of the day:

- 5 pm: Piazzetta Haring - Hip hop dance
- 17.30: Palazzo Blu - Vertical and acrobatic dance
- 18 hours: Piazza XX Settembre - aerial-contemporary-hip hop-break dance
- 7 p.m. - 11 p.m. Piazza XX Settembre - 80s Dj set with Alessandro Del Fabbro and vj Mapping