Discovery. Exhibition at Palazzo Gambacorti

Discovery. Mostra a Palazzo Gambacorti
Discovery. Mostra a Palazzo Gambacorti
Palazzo Gambacorti
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The exhibition 'Discovery' curated by Elia Vedovato will be held in the atrium of Palazzo Gambacorti from Tuesday 10 to Saturday 14 October. It will be possible to visit it from 7.30 a.m. to 7 p.m. with free admission.

The exhibition will take the spectator through the experience lived by the artist through his thoughts and images present in his mind since childhood, a journey in space through colours and shapes, which from a more childish and sensitive first impression, then accompanies him to a deeper discovery of himself that questions him on the human vision of reality as a perception and projection fruit of the mind, through the eyes.

Born in Florence in 1996, Elia Vedovato started painting in 2020. The first painting bears the author's first name and depicts a space shuttle on its way to Saturn. In 2021, the exhibition at the 'I Ponti' Garden in Bagni a Ripoli. In the atrium of Palazzo Gambacorti, 15 of the 64 works created so far will be exhibited.