151 miglia trofeo Cetilar

Miglia Trofeo Cetilar Foto Fabio Taccola 2
Miglia Trofeo Cetilar Foto Fabio Taccola 2
Marina di Pisa
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With a fleet of 162 participants a month from the start, the 151 Miglia-Trofeo-Cetilar is preparing to experience a new record edition, following a continuous appreciation escalation started in May of 2010. Really high level is the quantity that the quality of the boats registered so far, the best of the Italian offshore sailing that, divided into the two ORC International and IRC fleets, the afternoon of Thursday 31 May will be found offshore between Livorno and Marina di Pisa to give life to the event more expected of the offshore racing season.
"Scrolling through the list of members, it really makes sense to read certain names" says Roberto Lacorte, in the double role of vice president and CEO of the Tuscan nutraceutical company PharmaNutra SPA, main sponsor of the event with his brand Cetilar®, and president of the Yacht Club Repubblica Marinara of Pisa, the Tuscan association that organizes the regatta together with the Yacht Club Punta Ala and with the collaboration of the Yacht Club Livorno, the Port of Pisa and the Marina of Punta Ala, as well as the important support of the SLAM partners, Rigoni di Asiago and Acqua dell'Elba. "If the weather conditions help us, it is likely that this year's record of 16 hours and 25 minutes set by Ourdream will be beaten: there are really fast boats and in the month departure, we are still waiting for some high-level arrival among the bigger hulls, also because now the 151 Miglia is an important stop of the Mediterranean Maxi Offshore Challenge, the circuit organizes given by the International Maxi Association ", emphasizes Lacorte.
To date, it is worth mentioning the presence among the members of many boats from 60 'in length and up - Pendragon, Itacentodue, Atalanta 2, Mister A, YOL, Magic Rocket, Lupa of the Sea, Vera (ex My Song), Durlindana3 , Mister A, Ars Una, SuperNikka - a number never touched in previous editions, as well as smaller but no less' bad 'hulls such as Endlessgame, Altair 3 or the 40' oceanic Enel Green Power. "There is really a lot of quality, a sign that the 151 Miles is perceived more and more as the most important regatta of the year, a recognition that rewards our daily commitment and a winning formula" concludes Lacorte.
A formula that this year will be even richer, since from Friday 25 to Sunday 27 May the Port of Pisa will host three important sporting events related to the 151 Miles: the 151 Cetilar Trophy M32, a stop in the Mediterranean Series of the M32 catamarans, 151 Bimbi a Vela (Saturday 26), the event set up to start the little ones to the knowledge of the sea and sport, and the first edition of 15.1 Run (Saturday 26), a running race with proceeds donated to charity.
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