Pisa in Gioco (Pisa at stake)

Pisa in Gioco
Pisa in Gioco
Logge dei Banchi
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On Saturday 18 May, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Pisa's Logge di Banchi will become the city's play and entertainment centre.

Organised and promoted by the Associazione Culturale Sarda Grazia Deledda, the Alipes Association and the Circolo Primavera, in collaboration with the Department of Culture of the Municipality of Pisa, the event is part of the GREAT project (Gioco Responsabilità Educazione Apprendimento per Tutti) and aims to enhance the importance of Play in every social and cultural sphere.

The importance of play is even recognised by the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and Adolescent (Article 31): through play, children, and not only them, communicate, learn, explore external reality, manage emotions, plan and create projects, relate to others and develop their creativity. The project was also created with the aim of involving and giving visibility to those numerous associations and realities that for many years have dedicated themselves to the game and spread its value and usefulness, creating a synergy of actions and interventions aimed at using the game also as an ‘educational action’.

These are the games, activities and associations that will be present at ‘Pisa in Gioco’ on Saturday:

- OxyzO Orizzonti Ludici -Tana dei Goblin Pisa, with board games for all ages and tastes,

- OrangeTeam LUG Group, with the famous coloured bricks

- Circolo Scacchistico La Torre, for fans of chess and its strategies;

- Pisa Go Club: with the ancient and fascinating game of GO;

- Simone Palandri, the wood craftsman with his ‘futuristic games from the past’;

- Misericordia di Pisa, which will perform rescue simulations for schools;

- pedagogical association Violaciocca with workshops for children.

In addition, there will be sections dedicated to:

- games of the Sardinian regional tradition (organised by the Grazia Deledda association);

- ‘Fumetti in Gioco’, organised by the Circolo Primavera;

- ‘soft space’ for the youngest children, organised by the Alipes association.

 In addition to all this, there will be an entire section curated by schools, which will participate with projects and creations centred on play: students from the Liceo Artistico ‘Russoli’ of Pisa and Cascina and the Istituto Comprensivo ‘Gamerra’ of Pisa will be present.