Les Femmes. The female figure in art at GAMeC - EXTENDED UNTIL 27 MARCH

Les Femmes. La figura femminile nell'arte al GAMeC
Les Femmes. La figura femminile nell'arte al GAMeC
GAMeC - Centro Arte Moderna
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The exhibition "LES FEMMES / La Figura Femminile nell'Arte" (LES FEMMES / The Female Figure in Art) will be inaugurated on Saturday 2 March 2024 at 5.30 p.m. at the GAMeC CentroArteModerna in Pisa (on the Lungarno Mediceo at number 26). The exhibition, organised and curated by Massimiliano Sbrana, aims to give a brief but significant overview of the female figure as artists over time, but with particular attention to the contemporary, have depicted it.

Woman has in fact been a fundamental element of art for centuries. Since the representations and sculptures of prehistoric times, woman has been represented in her many facets: woman as mother, woman as saint, woman as devil, woman as lover, etc. A female figure, therefore, that in the figurative arts, has held a different symbolic guise over the centuries, in step with the evolution of artistic techniques and styles, with the change in aesthetic taste and, no less important, with the different ways of conceiving the role of women in society.
Since the dawn of civilisation, therefore, the female figure has been a protagonist in human history: archaeologists have found numerous sculptures of female divinities, attributed to the organisation of tribes of a patriarchal nature, from the Palaeolithic era. In many ancient civilisations, woman was the pivot of society, she was the repository of the principle of life, of fertility, and was represented as such. For the painter, however, woman is first and foremost form. She is the symbol of the figuration of all times, she is the archetype of the human dimension, of its transparent depth, its glorious intellect, its absolute perfection, above all other living forms.  It is to the form of woman that the artist delivers the aesthetic judgement of art. An artist, moreover, often searches for his feminine ideal in the body of a woman and confronts it with his own inner shortcomings, so that he can define, through a personal interpretation, that half of himself that he wants to find in the object of his desire.
The iconography of the 'woman in art' has thus travelled a fascinating and symbolically significant path throughout history. From antiquity to the present day, the female image has been represented in different ways, each time reflecting both the cultural beliefs and ideals of beauty of each era.

The exhibition will be open until Wednesday 13 March 2024.

On display are works by: Beccaro Bruno, Bernardini Paola, Berti Alberto, Cappellini Andrea, Carta Daniela, Castelli Graziella, Di Cocco Siberiana, Favilli Antonella, Grillo Antonino Fabio, Ilgeko (Rossi Elena), Mabel (Tarabella Marzia), Manzini Fiorella, Martin Mauro, Pannunzio Maria Teresa, Pecchia Lucia, Petrangolo Elsa, Protopapa Rosa Maria, Rivadossi Diana Carolina, Sabato Marialuisa, Santi Maria Agata, Tarabella Marzia.

Free entrance. Opening Times: 10 a.m. - 12.30 p.m. - 6.30 p.m. (weekdays); closed on Mondays. Extraordinary opening on Sunday 3 and 10 March 2024 from 4-6.30 pm.