Re-enactment of the end of the siege on 10 July 1500

Rievocazione della fine dell’assedio del 10 luglio 1500
Rievocazione della fine dell’assedio del 10 luglio 1500
Parco delle Concette
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On Saturday 8 July at the Parco delle Concette (at 09.30), for the fourth year, the Crossbowmen of Porta San Marco, with the patronage of the Municipality of Pisa and the availability of Mura di Pisa, celebrate the 'End of the siege of the French army on 10 July 1500'. The Crossbowmen of Porta San Marco, assisted by the Sunrise Falconry, Pisa Ghibelline, Archers and Armigers of Sacco, Ordo Civitas Pisarum, Flag Wavers and Musicians of the City of Pisa, will commemorate, in the same places where the heroic resistance took place, the abandonment of the siege of Pisa by the Florentines, the most powerful European army of the time, defeated and dishonoured by the People of Pisa with its women and men resisting to defend their Freedom.

The highlight is set for 12 noon at the Parco delle Concette with the laying of a laurel wreath at the walls by the city authorities, with the presence of the City Banner and valets in historical costume. Those who wish to bring a flower in memory of the heroic resistance will be given a free copy of Mario Chiaverini's book "Onore e Gloria" (Honour and Glory), a punctual and thorough historical narration of the siege days and an authoritative insight into the Second Republic of Pisa.

The day's programme

The day will begin with a meeting, set for 9.30 a.m., followed by a visit to the camps and, for the youngest, a birds of prey show by the Sunrise falconers. At 10.30 a.m. guided tours will begin in organised groups, in cooperation with Coop Culture, Itinera and Promo Cultura, from the high-level walkway of the Cittadella Nuova - crossing the Spina bridge - up the walls from the wooden tower in Piazzetta Del Rosso. Then, at 12.00 a.m. , the laying of the laurel wreath at the walls. In the afternoon (4.30 p.m.), the tour of the walls will resume with a narration of the most significant episodes of the siege days (29 June - 10 July 1500). At 5.00 p.m. falconry shows, while at 6.00 p.m. there will be the second edition of the Palio between the magistrates of the Gioco del Ponte.

All participants in the guided tours will be given, while stocks last, the artistic re-enactment folder that the Crossbowmen of Porta San Marco produce every year as a memento of their re-enactments.

The history. Re-enactment of a key date in the glorious history of the Second Pisan Republic (1494 - 1509). 10 July 1500 was the day on which the French army, exasperated and defeated, lifted the siege it had laid on behalf of the Florentines under the walls of Pisa, from Porta alle Piagge to Porta Calcesana. The French army composed of between 10,500 and 20,000 men including French knights, Guasconians, Swiss, and Florentine flags, equipped with about thirty pieces of artillery were under the command of General Monsieur Charles de Beaumont, under the supervision of Commissioner General Luigi Antonio degli Albizzi. The siege, which began on 29 June, saw moments of the highest heroism of the Pisan men and women who opposed one of the most feared and organised armies in Europe. The French and the Swiss left after 10 days, tested by the resistance and determination of the besieged, not after suffering yet another deadly counterattack by the Pisans during the dismantling of the camps. Thus defeated by a city that seemed to be on its knees, one of the most formidable armies of the time returned home in disgrace, having arrived under the walls of Pisa in a bold spirit, certain of an easy and quick victory. They did not know that the Pisan fighters had demonstrated an elite tenacity and preparation over the centuries, but above all they did not think that they were involved in a great and unexpected struggle of the Pisan people, whose men and women, in a single deadly unit, were fighting for a purpose much higher than honour or money: they were defending their Liberty, putting it before their very lives.

The Crossbowmen of Porta San Marco. They combine their art of crossbow shooting with historical research on the Republic, making use of the invaluable collaboration of the 'VitArs' bibliographic research studio. They boast cultural activities such as the discovery of Porta San Marco, the re-enactment of the siege of Bastione Stampace, and the research and illustration of the city's Societates Populi. They also organise the feast of the Second Pisan Republic on 9 November each year. All the re-enactments are in the Alfeo calendar of the Municipality of Pisa and the calendar of the Region of Tuscany.

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