Opening of the Chapel of Sant'Agata March 2024

Aperture Cappella Sant'Agata Marzo 2024
Aperture Cappella Sant'Agata Marzo 2024
Chapel of Sant'Agata
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The Chapel of Sant'Agata and its garden open again to the public by the Cultural Association "Il Mosaico" and the Municipality of Pisa.

  • Friday 22/03 - 9.00 pm - Seminar of the cycle "The beauty of things".
  • Monday 25/03 PISAN NEW YEAR - 9.00 pm - "Ab Incarnation Christi" Lenten Meditations with Lisetta Rossi, harp.
  • Saturday 30/03 - 2.00 pm - 6.00 pm - Usual opening of the last Saturday of the month

Free admission in compliance with the anti-Covid time for time in force.
For information contact 338.9912240 or write to

The cult of Saint Agatha arrived in Pisa probably with the liberation of Catania from the Saracens: the first certain attestation is in the privilege with which Pope Honorius II on 21 July 1126 extended to the archbishop of Pisa the use of the pallium in the solemnity of Saint Agatha, on 5 February. For that feast and the following two days the alleged skull of the saint was exposed, still preserved in the church of San Paolo a Ripa d'Arno: the event still aroused at the end of the nineteenth century great competition of mothers engaged in breastfeeding. The importance of the cult is also evidenced by the octagonal oratory named after her, erected within the monastic complex around the middle of the twelfth century.