Pisa Folk Festival 2024

Pisa Folk Festival 2024
Pisa Folk Festival 2024
Giardino Scotto
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From 4 to 18 July 2024 the Pisa Folk Festival returns with its XXII edition with dance, concerts, meetings and food in the beautiful location of the Scotto Garden!

The event is sponsored by the City of Pisa, Pisa Foundation and Rhythms Meridians.

Here is the program of the event:

SUNDAY 30 JUNE - 8 p.m. at Giardino Scotto


Fourth summer event of Borderline Rock Fest in collaboration with Truck Me Hard and the City of Pisa - Department of Culture. This year on the stage of Scotto comes Folkstone, one of the most successful bands in the Italian Metal scene, open the concert the Tuscan Deathless Legacy. 

To buy tickets: https://oooh.events/evento/borderline-rock-fest-vol-iv-folkstone-deathless-legacy-biglietti/

WEDNESDAY 3 JULY - 9.30 p.m. at Giardino Scotto

C'Mon Tigre is a duo that develops its identity through a collective of musicians and artists from all over the world, drawing inspiration from various cultures, musical traditions and art forms. With the idea to go beyond onfini and create sound experiences that have a strong cinematic imagination, from the beginning C'Mon Tigre have translated their music into a visual form and experience, collaborating with some of the most talented lusters, photographers and artists from all over the world, earning critical acclaim and a growing international following.

C'mon Tigre, with their music they give life to a personal language, made of mixing with jazz, afro-jazz, the miche of hip hop, funk, disco of the 70’s. All without ever confining their songs to a single style, but pushing splorazione as much as possible, in a dimension that every trip worthy of the name should include.

To buy tickets: https:///dice.fm/event/3oqk2x-cmon-tigre-garden-scotto-pisa-3rd-jul-lumire-pisa-pisa-tickets

THURSDAY 4 JULY - 9.30 p.m. at Scotto Garden

SUPER TARANTA. Directed by Antonio Castrignanò and Mauro Durante, "Super Taranta" brings together the iconic personalities of the world of pizzica salentina. The most beloved and well-known artists of the music of Salento bring to the stage the voice of a territory that makes of its local identity a global invitation to encounter and sharing. In "Super Taranta" the voices, musicians and dancers who have made the "Taranta" famous all over the world share the same stage to give the audience all the magic and strength of a millenary dance with an ancestral rhythm, for a great collective party. Super Taranta Orchestra consists of: Antonio Castrignanò, Mauro Durante, Alessia Tondo, Emanuele Licci, Enza Pagliara, Giancarlo Paglialunga, Giulio Bianco, Federico Laganà, Rocco Nigro, Massimiliano Morabito, Maurizio Pellizzari, Giuseppe Spedicato, Silvia Perrone, Davide Monaco and Moira Cappilli.

To buy tickets: https://oooh.events/evento/super-taranta-pff24-biglietti/


  • 9 p.m at Scotto Garden 

DAVIDE AMBROGIO, EVOCATIONS AND INVOCATIONS - RITUAL SONGS OF ASPROMONTE. Davide Ambrogio masterfully captures the vast tapestry of Mediterranean culture, which extends from Albania to Greece, from Italy to the Arab world. Raised in a small town in the Aspromonte, a mountainous area in the extreme south-west of Italy, in Calabria, David was surrounded by ancient religious rites and devotional songs still very alive. Attached to his Calabrian roots, he drew on the region’s oral traditions to create his own distinctive musical language.
In live, the Calabrian artist builds around the voice an immersive show through the use of lyre, guitar with pencils, frame drum, zumpettana, zampogna and live electronics. In the research of timbre, melodic and rhythmic, the show tells an intimate and current truth, able to evoke different suggestions.

  • 10 p.m. at Scotto Garden

RAIZ sings SERGIO BRUNI with RAIZ and RADICANTO. Raiz is a multifaceted artist who travels between music and cinema. Leader and voice of Almamegretta, in recent years he has also established himself as an actor acting in various films (Passion of John Turturro; Ammore and Malavita of Manetti Bros; Mixed by Erri of Sidney Sibilia) and fiction (Mare Fuori). In February 2023 he released the album Si ll'ammore è 'o ccuntrario d'a morte, dedicated to Sergio Bruni and arranged by Giuseppe De Trizio, who takes on tour in Italy and abroad together with the band he has collaborated with for years, Radicanto.

The project in fact involves Radicanto, a formation born in Bari in 1996 by Giuseppe De Trizio who together with Adolfo La Volpe is to lutes; they accompany Francesco De Palma to percussion, Giovanni Chiapparino to accordion, Giorgio Vendola to double bass. The set list of the show includes some of the most famous songs by Sergio Bruni, a well-known Neapolitan author who died in 2003. Among these we remember Carmela, Na' Bruna and Indifferentemente. Raiz will also pay homage to the public with some of his best-known pieces.

Event in collaboration with Ass. Studentesca Ritmi Meridiani. Free admission.

SATURDAY 6 JULY - from 4 to 7 p.m. at the Jazz Lab in Via Bovio

VOICES LISTENING.  Singing workshop with Davide Ambrogio

The aim of Voci In Ascolto is to deepen the instrument-voice through songs from the repertoire of oral tradition of different parts of Italy. In live meetings the study of these polyphonies gives the opportunity to know and learn new aesthetic and interpretative elements, so you can enrich your musical vocabulary in technical and artistic terms.
The melodic, timbral, harmonic and rhythmic aspects of the songs are analyzed through an oral approach focused mainly on play, imitation, improvisation and the development of memory related to sound and words without the help of lyrics and scores.

Initiative in collaboration with Ass. Studentesca Ritmi Meridiani
Self-managed activity carried out with the financial contribution of the University of Pisa. Free admission by reservation.

THURSDAY 18 JULY - at 21.30 at Scotto Garden


SPECIAL EVENT: Pisa Jazz Rebirth 2024, PisaFolk Festival 2024, The Thing Association for the first time together for a unique and unmissable concert, unique date in Tuscany.

The most famous Balkan musician and composer in the world arrives in Pisa alongside his Wedding and Funeral band: trumpets, trombones, bass drum, clarinet, saxophone and Bulgarian voices - whose virtuosity reminds us that in the Balkans the music is played in "turbo folk" version. The show that Goran Brecović will bring on stage will be a mix of his historical successes and songs taken from his most recent albums: a live experience full of energy and dynamism to live and dance.

To buy tickets: https://www.ticketone.it/event/pisa-jazz-2024-giardino-scotto-18669305/


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