Tribute to Rossini

Omaggio a Rossini
Omaggio a Rossini
Teatro Verdi di Pisa
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Saturday 23 at 17:00, in the Ridotto del Teatro di Pisa, the scholar Alessandro Panajia will present two unpublished by Gioachino Rossini found in a private archive; the afternoon will see the extraordinary participation of actress Milena Vukotic, engaged in the evening of Saturday and Sunday afternoon in the performances of Così è se (se vi pare) within the Season of Prose. 

A few weeks from the 232nd birthday of Gioachino Rossini (29 February) and at the end of the Opera Season 2023/24, opened with his Barber of Seville, The Theatre of Pisa pays homage to the composer from Pesaro with the presentation of an unpublished song and letter discovered by Panajia and published in the book "Un abbraccio a Grande Orchestra, with Timpani, Tamburi and Pifferi. Two unpublished by Gioacchino Rossini" (ETS editions).

The unpublished piece of music Un rien, which will be performed by Maestro Giovanni Del Vecchio, was written by Rossini and dedicated by him to a gentleman from Pisa. The meeting will be attended by the archivist Manuel Rossi. 

The afternoon will end with a tribute to the 'famous pianist Pisa' Gemma Luziani, child prodigy in the second half of the 800, very popular in European courts and admired by the greatest composers of the time. To remember the extraordinary figure of Luziani will be Milena Vukotic, his direct niece, and Alessandro Panajia, authors of the donation in his name to the Theatre of Pisa with some memorabilia and letters of famous composers.

The entrance is free.

Alessandro Panajia has published numerous books on characters and stories of microstory of the nineteenth century. Together with Milena Vukotić, he also explored the musical world by publishing the catalogue of the exhibition Omaggio a Gemma Luziani (1867-1894) «Celeberrima pianista pisana» (1995) and edited two volumes on the composer Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco: Ad Ariel. With a branch of juniper. Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco meets Gabriele d'Annunzio (2018) and I thank heaven to be here. Letters to Alberto Carocci from Larchmont and Beverly Hills 1939/41(2021).