Architecture biennial 2023

Biennale di architettura 2023
Biennale di architettura 2023
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The shared city: architecture as a tool for new social balances. This is the focus and leitmotif of the 5th Biennial of Architecture of Pisa to be held in the city next autumn. Now in its fifth edition, conceived and organised by the LP Association - Permanent Laboratory for the City, it will be held from 13 to 29 October 2023.

As with every edition, there is a main theme for this eagerly-awaited return that will act as a common thread - among the many architectural projects that will be presented - for the entire cultural reflection that will involve professionals, citizens and the general public.

The title of this edition of the Biennale is 'The Shared City. Architecture for a new social balance'; the theme, therefore, is architecture as a tool for building and experiencing new social balances. The curators of the Biennial, Massimo Del Seppia (coordinator), Pietro Berti, Silvia Lucchesini and Fabrizio Sainati, set themselves the objective of identifying a number of research guidelines based on the fundamental role of architecture for the purposes of social rebalancing, offering an opportunity to compare realised experiences and future visions with the aim of contributing to the elaboration of new models capable of grasping the transformations underway. A Biennale that will see an exhibition of projects designed by international names in architecture as well as realisations that will be flanked by meetings, side projects, in-depth conferences and readings.

Among the main novelties of the 5th edition is also a CALL TO ACTION launched by the curators and addressed to designers (architects registered with the Professional Register) and university students who have designed or realised works pertaining to the six research sections identified in relation to the main theme (Housing, Public Spaces and Social Connection Structures, Art and Culture, Care, Schools, Sport).


13 October, 4 p.m., Arsenali Repubblicani: the inauguration with the mayor of Pisa Michele Conti, the deputy mayor Raffaele Latrofa, the municipal councillor for urban planning Massimo Dringoli. The Biennial curators and Massimo Pica Ciamarra, president of the Biennial's scientific committee, will speak;

4 October, 10 a.m. at Palazzo Blu: lectio magistralis by Elisabetta Trezzani and Antoine Chaaya from Studio RPBW Renzo Piano Buiding Workshop, introduced by Massimo Del Seppia, with the participation of Pisana Posocco for the scientific committee, moderated by Giorgio Tartaro;

17 October, 10 a.m. at Auditorium della Primarziale: Plenary Conference and awarding of the Pisa Biennial Prize, with an introduction by Pietro Berti, with the participation of Marco Raugi, Matteo Agnoletto, Maria Claudia Clemente, Oriol Capdevila, Guendalina Salimei, Simone Sfriso, Raul Pantaleo, Marcello Marchesini, Gianandrea Barreca, Francesco Montaguti, Nicholas Birchall, Barbara Fontana. Participants: Silvia Bodei, Roberto Bosi, Fabio Daole, Giovanni Multari, for the scientific committee; moderator: Giorgio Tartaro;

20 October, 3.30 p.m. at Arsenali Repubblicani: inauguration of the exhibition on Giovanni Michelucci. The New City. Followed by a conference on Giovanni Michelucci's work dedicated to the New City, with an introduction by Pietro Berti and Massimo Del Seppia. Speakers: Andrea Aleardi, Silvia Botti, Nadia Musumeci, Massimo Dringoli;

21 October, 10 a.m. at Palazzo Blu: lectio magistralis by Jette Hopp of SnØhetta studio, with an introduction by Massimo Del Seppia, moderated by Giorgio Tartaro;

27 October, 11 am at Arsenali Repubblicani: the lectio magistralis by Guillermo Vazquez Consuegra, with an introduction by Massimo Del Seppia, moderated by Giorgio Tartaro. Introduction by Edoardo Narne, Luca Lanini and Carmen Andriani for the Scientific Committee;

28 October, 10 a.m. at Palazzo Blu: Benedetta Tagliabue's lectio magistralis, with an introduction by Massimo Del Seppia. Speakers: Stefania Franceschi and Manuela Raitano for the Scientific Committee;

29 October, 4 p.m. at Arsenali Repubblicani: the closing conference and conclusions. During the conference, the volume 'Massimo Pica Ciamarra. Progettare secondo principi' will be presented, followed by a lectio magistralis by Massimo Pica Ciamarra. The editors of the volume, Massimo Del Seppia and Fabrizio Sainati, and the authors: Roberto Bosi, Luca Lanini, Andrea Iacomoni, Pino Scaglione, Alberto Terminio, Massimo Locci, and Vincenzo Latina will speak;

The exhibition itinerary of the biennial, organised in thematic sections, will take place in the exhibition pavilions overlooking the Arno River (Arsenali Repubblicani, Bastione Sangallo, Fortilizio Torre Guelfa, Scala sopra le Logge, Logge di Banchi, Palazzo Lanfranchi) while meetings and conferences will be held in other specially dedicated spaces.

Another leading event particularly felt by the curators will be the exhibition on Giovanni Michelucci (at the Fortilizio) and his contribution - thanks to his marked sensitivity as an architect and as a man - on the very topics dealt with by the biennial, retracing in the exhibition some of his most significant projects and adhering to the theme of the shared city.

Focus on Marina di Pisa and Tirrenia

LP and the Città Laboratorio group every edition of the architecture biennial enriches the paper, presented during the G124 Renzo Piano in Pisa in October 2022, with an in-depth study on a district of the city, outlining some possible actions and proposing feasibility indications, useful for the wellbeing of the community. In this fifth edition, the working group will produce a general study on Marina di Pisa and the centre of Tirrenia. The Charter of Possible Actions will also be updated with ongoing projects and realisations of public character and use, thus producing a consultable and updated document available to the community in order to have an easily comprehensible overview of the city of Pisa.

Admission to the exhibition halls and conferences will be free of charge in order to encourage maximum participation, not only of professionals.


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