San Ranieri's Palio

Palio di San Ranieri
Palio di San Ranieri
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The Palio di San Ranieri will take place on Sunday 3 October, with the challenge in the Arno between the four boats representing the four historical districts of the city: San Francesco (yellow boat), San Martino (red boat) Santa Maria (light blue boat) and Sant'Antonio (green boat).

The event will start at 5 p.m. with the boats racing for 1,500 metres against the current from the Ponte della Cittadella, at the Canottieri Arno headquarters, to the finish line at the Scalo dei Renaioli.

Unfolding of the Palio. The boats used are inspired by the typical "stefaniane" frigates of the Medici Order of the Knights of Santo Stefano. The boat of the San Francesco district is yellow, the one of San Martino is red, the one of Santa Maria is light blue and the one of Sant'Antonio is green.

Each crew consists of eight rowers, a helmsman and a "fitter". The latter has to climb a ten-metre high flagpole, placed at the finishing line on a floating platform, and retrieve the flag that symbolises the conquest of the "Paliotto". This particular way of awarding the victory was inspired by the feat of Lepanto in 1571 when the Christian troops, once they had boarded the Turkish flagship, seized the fighting flame placed on the flagpole of the Muslim boat.

The crews. These are the crews that will compete on Sunday:

Yellow Boat: Santi Gianluca, Grassini Andrea, Fabozzi Mirko, Marsigli Fabio, Pratesi Michele, Taddei Federico, Vito Saggese, Delcarratore Davide; Helmsman Riccardi Pellegrini. Coach Cini Primo.

Barca Rossa: Pioli Leonardo, Papini Gabriele, Miccoli Simone, Cavatorta Lorenzo, Figuccia Federico, Pratelli Nicola, Bellani Marco, De Pasquale Mattia, Marrocchelli Leonardo, Niola Carlotta; Helmsman Ognibene Michele; Helmsman Fedeli Samuel. Coach Simoncini Alessandro.

Barca Verde: Mollica Alessio, Barandoni Simone, Sbrana Daniele, Del Lucchese Tommaso, Vitarelli Lapo, Rubessi Adriano, Colombini Matteo, Carmignani Tommaso, Traso Andrea; Helmsman Perice Michele. Coach Nencini Maurizio.

Barca Celeste: Mostardi Luigi, Barbieri Mirko, Romani Luca, Giarri Emanuele, Vanni Francesco, Possenti Luca, Lorenzini Alessio, Ricci Flavio; helmsman Ciulli Gabriele; fitter Bellani Edoardo. Coaches Landi Massimiliano, Foschi Massimiliano.

Grandstands. Will be mounted two stands, each with 100 seats, near the arrival at the Scalo dei Renaioli. The allocation of seats will be prior and nominative. Spectators and staff will be allowed access to the area only if in possession of a Green Pass.