Pisa Walking Cinema 2024

Pisa Walking Cinema 2024
Pisa Walking Cinema 2024
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NERONE NIGHT EXPERIENCE 2024 - cinematic night tours to discover Roman Pisa. 

A special evening organised by Acquario della Memoria with the support of the Fondazione Pisa and the Municipality of Pisa, and in collaboration with Mappa Lab, a team of archaeologists from the Department of Civilisation and Forms of Knowledge of the University of Pisa. Among the contributors to this initiative is the writer Sergio Costanzo.

The route will start from images and stories of Etruscan Pisa, to arrive at the Roman period, through historical sources, aerial shots integrated with 3D reconstructions, animated shadows, and historical iconography. In the various stages the mysteries of the Roman city and the lost amphitheatre; the stories about the city by ancient travellers and scholars (from Rutilio Namaziano to Strabone); the ancient relationship with water (the river Auser, the ports, the aqueduct, the baths); the life and workings of the baths (with the underworld of the wood-burning furnaces fed by the slaves; the 'sudatio', the only remaining room, (probably the smallest space in the complex); the legend of St. Torpé, which links Nero, St. Peter, the Villa of Corliano and the ancient and powerful family of the Venulei.

The initiative is also aimed at enhancing the archaeological excavations, the thermal baths and rediscovering a precious and often neglected corner of Pisa. It is the beginning of a path that aims to revitalise this corner of the city, and is linked to the restoration and revitalisation projects, also in terms of a museum, of the neighbouring Bastione del Parlascio, undertaken by the Administration with the support of the Fondazione Pisa.

Appointment SATURDAY 6 JANUARY 2024. 

Departure at 6.30 p.m. from Porta San Zeno and arrival at the Bagni di Nerone around 8 p.m.

Ticket cost €12.00. Places are limited and reservation is required here https://www.acquariodellamemoria.it/nerone-night-experience/


Appointment SATURDAY 13 JANUARY 2024.

Departure at 6.30 pm from Porta San Zeno and arrival at Bagni di Nerone around 8 p.m.

Ticket price €12.00. Places are limited and only by booking here https://www.acquariodellamemoria.it/nerone-night-experience/


BOMBS 1943 - walk through the city, night cinema tour on the 80th anniversary of the bombing of the city

On 27 January, the Day of Remembrance, a night-time film tour that uses projections and audio to relive the city's history first-hand, specifically dedicated to 31 August 1943. From the excitement of entering the war to the first air raid alerts, from the shelters to the conviction that 'the city of the Tower' would be spared. Until 13:01 on 31 August 1943. In seven minutes it suddenly enters the horror of war. Entire districts are razed to the ground: Sant'Antonio, Porta a Mare, the station, Saint-Gobain, the Navicelli Canal. Direct testimonies, archives, diaries so as not to forget.

A special evening organised with the support of the Pisa Foundation and the Region of Tuscany, and in collaboration with the Franco Serantini Library and MUMU.

Appointment SATURDAY 27 JANUARY 2024.

Departure from the Logge di Banchi at 6:30 pm. Duration of the tour about 90 minutes. 

Ticket price €12.00. Limited places and booking required here https://www.acquariodellamemoria.it/bombe1943/

More information -> Acquario della Memoria, acquariodellamemoria@gmail.com or +39 371 6520416 (WhatsApp)