Oscillazioni Contemporanee 2024 - EXTENDED TO 10 FEBRUARY 2024

Oscillazioni Contemporanee 2024
Oscillazioni Contemporanee 2024
GAMeC - Centre of Modern Art of Pisa
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The exhibition has been extended until 10 February 2024.


It will open Saturday, January 27, 2024 at 17.30 at the GAMeC - Centre of Modern Art of Pisa (Lungarno Mediceo n.26) the 22nd edition of Oscillazioni Contemporanee (OC24).  The exhibition will continue until 7 February 2024.

This historical and important exhibition, organized by Massimiliano Sbrana, offers an overview of the emerging artistic currents of recent years, highlighting their most stimulating aspect: "THE RESEARCH".

Visitors will have the opportunity to admire works of art different in style and content, and to know personally a diverse group of artists (Bruno Beccaro, Siberiana di Cocco, Maria Agata Santi, Vyacheslav Shmagin), sharing the emotions of their creative journey. The exhibition aims to reflect the true image of current artistic trends, without prejudices or predefined patterns, but enhancing the freedom of expression and the experimentation of languages. It is therefore a moment of interesting news for the Italian art scene, which deserves to be followed with attention and curiosity.

Here is a brief description of the artists present at this edition:

#Bruno Beccaro
Born in Biella in 1944. Images and thought intertwine and manifest themselves as the leitmotif of his artistic research. Passionate about Nature, language and the various painting techniques that adopt in his different artistic expressions. He paints words, nature, landscape, face, with the technique of oil, encaustic watercolor and other personal and experimental techniques.

#Siberiana Di Cocco
Born and lives in Pisa. Doctor with a passion for travel, she obtained in the 90s the Professional Diploma of Master in Ceramic Techniques at the Studio Giambo in Florence becoming an expert in imprunetine techniques, producing original works in ceramics and glass that she exhibited in collective exhibitions in Italy and abroad. In recent years she discovered the use of multi-materials (fabrics, resins, silicones, cineserie) to create works that allow her to express a wider creativity.

#Maria Agata Santi
Self-taught painter, she was born in Sestino (AR) and lives in Lucca. Surrealist chromatism is the key to the interpretation of Maria Santi’s painting, which expresses the sensitivity of her inner world with an interpretive language of sensations and deep emotions. Spontaneous expression, the artist from Lucca emphasizes with the precision of the sign and the intensity of the color the genuineness of the impulse that characterizes his artistic achievements.

#Vyacheslav Shmagin
Born in 1951 in Kimry, this artist is strongly aware of his roots with which he never loses touch. Warm feelings and genuine humor are firmly intertwined in her work and the artist manages to convey them without the use of explicit and literal descriptions. He developed a personal language that derives from his popular culture and historical background and personal research, combining the traditions of painting of his country with modern art.

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MAR - FRI:10.00-12.30 / 16.00-18.30 (closed Monday)

Special opening Sunday 28 January hours 16.00-18.30

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