Incontri alla biblioteca SMS - SMSBiblio

Incontri alla biblioteca SMS - SMSBiblio
Incontri alla biblioteca SMS - SMSBiblio
Biblioteca SMS
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A series of events this week at the library SMS (via San Michele degli Scalzi), which start already on Tuesday, December 12 and continue daily until Saturday 16. Very varied program with events for children with readings of "Born to read", meetings with authors and then poetry, music and nature.

Here is the full schedule this week:

Tuesday, December 12 (10.00 am, required reservation the appointment with monthly "Born to read. Words and stories to grow... in the library". Aimed at parents and grandparents of boys and girls in the age group 0-6 years with the aim of highlighting the importance and pleasure of reading for children. At the library there are sections 0-6 years and that dedicated to parents.

Wednesday, December 13 (5.00 pm) presentation of the book "There is more" by Maria Teresa Coppola. Afternoon dedicated to lovers of poetry with the author who will present, together with Cristiana Vettori, her book published by Aletti. A work that tells the life, love, hope and nostalgia with intense and deep verses.

Thursday, December 14 (5.00 pm ) the event "Discover the treasures of Monte Pisano". Thanks to the collaboration with the Museum of Natural History of the University of Pisa, it will be experienced how it is possible to recognize, through fun point games, the main plants of the territory, identifying them with sight, touch and smell, but also with a magnifying glass. This event is part of the series of meetings of the regional project "Plant it! New gems of readings in the green shelf for boys and girls".

Friday, December 15 (5.00 pm) For the series of meetings "Authors in the mirror: five questions to..." Valeria Serofilli, president of Astrolabiocultura, will talk with Anna Maria Dall'Olio and Mariafrancesca Mela. The authors will present respectively "Stagioni" (Di Carlo editore) and "Alla luce del sole" (RP Libri). Readings by Rodolfo Baglioni. Initial greetings from the Councillor for Culture of the City of Pisa Filippo Bedini.

Saturday, December 16 (11.00 am, required reservation "Lalalala! Discover the music in the library". The importance of musical experience in the early years of life for the cognitive, linguistic, emotional and relational development of the child. Back in the library the long-awaited event of readings and sung stories dedicated to children (0-3 years) exceptionally with the theme of Christmas.

SMSBiblio, opening hours:

The opening hours of the library are from Monday to Friday from 09.00 to 19.00 (closing services at 18.30) and Saturday from 10.30 to 19.00.