History of telephony in Pisa since 1884

Storia della telefonia a Pisa dal 1884
Storia della telefonia a Pisa dal 1884
Palazzo Gambacorti
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Saturday, March 16, in the atrium of Palazzo Gambacorti, at 11.00 will be inaugurated the exhibition "History of telephony in Pisa from 1884" organized by the association "Seniores Alatel telecomitalia - section of Pisa" under the patronage of the Municipality of Pisa. The exhibition, curated by Marcello Cecconi, will remain open until 23 March next.

The history of telephony in Pisa dates back to 140 years ago, as evidenced by the first telephone contract of the city of Pisa, dated March 16, 1884, on display. In the document Luigi Bosi writes to the notables of the city to have obtained the concessions from the Government and to be able "to install in this city a telephone service for use of private individuals and public administrations". The annual cost of the subscription is fixed for individuals in Lire 120 ("to be paid in many monthly instalments postponed without the bonus being obliged to bear verun' other expenditure of plant or maintenance") and for public offices in Lire 60, always for each apparatus. In less than 2 years Bosi will always publish the first list of subscribers of the "Telephone Company of Pisa" with 120 subscribers.  The story of telephony in Pisa, then, is intertwined with the national industry. The concessionary company later became "Società Telefoni Italia Centrale" until it was absorbed by the "Unione Telefonica Italiana" (1917). With the subsequent reorganization of the telephone sector defined in 1924, Italy will be divided into five areas entrusted to as many companies and Pisa will fall into the fifth zone Teti "Società Telefonica Tirrena". In 1964 all the companies were incorporated into the SIP "Società Italiana Per l'Esercizio".

During the morning of Saturday, March 16 will also be available a celebratory postcard and will be canceled by Poste Italiane.